Democracy Hijacked: Trump Supporters Under Fire by Deep State

Deep State Vs. Democracy: Trump's Voters Under Siege
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As democracy faces an insidious assault, an underhanded war is waged against Trump voters. The combatants? None other than the zealous federal prosecutors, the very same who ruthlessly pursued Gov. Bob McDonnell, led by Special Prosecutor Jack Smith. His vendetta? Force an expedited trial for Trump, wresting power from the rightful decision-makers—the American people. This audacious act manifests the Deep State’s disdain for our democratic fabric and their blatant disregard for voter loyalty. This war isn’t about Trump alone—it’s a ruthless attack on the freedom of choice, an assault on your right to vote, and an affront to democracy itself.

Deep State’s infamous representative, Jack Smith, stands ready to charge again, displaying an alarming hostility towards democracy and a disregard for the unwavering loyalty of Trump voters. His latest escapade? Insisting on an immediate trial for Trump, intending to snatch the reins of the electoral decision from the hands of voters. This is an attempt to subvert our democratic norms and dictates, to undermine the authority of the electorate—the heart of American democracy.

The indictment that Smith pushes would be heard by Judge Aileen Cannon, known for her stern reprimands to overzealous federal agents post the unjustifiable raid of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence last year. The unfairness of the raid led Judge Cannon to appoint a reputable former judge to assess the seized documents. However, Judge Britt Grant and Judge Bill Pryor, notorious for kowtowing to prosecutors, upturned her fair ruling. This stark contrast only underscores the bias inherent in the Deep State’s actions.

Judge Aileen Cannon

The liberal media, spearheaded by the New York Times, is aggrieved about Judge Cannon’s assignment to the Trump indictment, even though she exhibits no conflict of interest. Their discomfort lies in her political independence—a quality intrinsic to a competent judge.

The point of contention? President Trump’s storing of documents relating to his presidency. An act not unique to him—Joe Biden did the same when leaving office in 2017, facing no charges. Yet, the virulently anti-Trump federal workers in D.C. refuse to let the democratic process run its course, seemingly unable to resist meddling. Bankrolled by taxpayers’ dollars, they exploit their power with impunity, emboldened by the suspension of the debt ceiling on June 1.

The timing of this indictment, less than a week after the suspension, seems all too convenient. Why should taxpayers’ millions be wasted on biased investigations, photographing boxes of mundane documents stashed in a spare bathroom?

Trump’s legacy speaks for itself. He has built successful companies and skyscrapers, employed thousands, and bested Hillary Clinton, a federal worker idol. But his unforgivable sin in the eyes of the feds was challenging their status quo—firing their FBI director, James Comey, and pardoning victims of political prosecutions like Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

Moreover, the January 6 protests served as a humiliation of the Deep State in D.C. The extent of their revenge knows no bounds, and they have retaliated ever since. Trump merely delivered a presidential speech that day—an act that they’re struggling to contort into a crime.

The Deep State’s scheme involves accusing Trump of “willful retention” of his presidential papers, stretching a century-old law to suit their machinations. This witch-hunt doesn’t stop at Trump—they’ve also indicted Walt Nauta, a U.S. Navy veteran and Trump’s personal assistant, for the hollow crime of supposedly lying to the FBI.

Federal prosecutors have an odd affinity for this contrived crime. They previously misused it against Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, in a calculated ambush by the FBI, and threatened author Dr. Jerome Corsi until he publicized the injustice.

This indictment is a chilling reminder of Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s eerie warning to Trump. The Deep State, he noted, had “six ways from Sunday at getting back at you.”

Today, his words echo as a dark prophecy realized—vindicating evidence of the Deep State’s relentless and vindictive retaliation. Their insidious agenda is clear: to undermine the Trump voter and our cherished democracy. The Deep State needs to be defunded and held accountable.

As the shadowy machinations of the Deep State unfold, one thing is clear: this is an assault on not just Trump, but the very essence of democracy—the voice of the people. The blatant disregard for the voters’ loyalty, their right to elect their leader, is a blatant display of the Deep State’s undermining agenda. The war on Trump and his supporters is an insidious attack on freedom and democracy. It’s time to stand against this unashamed assault on our democratic values, to resist this injustice. The Deep State’s rampage must be stopped. Democracy must prevail. The will of the people must be respected.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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