Cashless Revolution: Oakland Businesses Implement Bold Solution to Robbery Epidemic

Oakland business owners are taking matters into their own hands for the security of their livelihoods.
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Today, we bring you the alarming situation faced by small businesses in Oakland, California. As we speak, many of them are being robbed at an alarming rate. The thieves are not only taking away valuable cash and merchandise, but also causing damage to the establishments. In light of this, several businesses in Oakland have made the conscious decision to refuse cash payments, and we have the details on how this has worked out for them.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that many businesses in Oakland’s “Police Area 2” have experienced a massive increase in burglaries. So far this year, 137 commercial burglaries have been reported, nearly triple the 52 reported in 2021. And these numbers are slightly higher than the 135 reported by this time last year. This is a clear indication that the situation is only getting worse, and small businesses are bearing the brunt of it.

To address this grave situation, some small business owners in Oakland are refusing to take cash payments. The Chronicle reported that since they made this decision, there has been a significant reduction in the frequency of robberies at their establishments. Neighboring San Francisco passed an ordinance in 2019 forbidding stores from going cashless, but Oakland business owners are taking matters into their own hands for the security of their livelihoods.

Despite investing heavily in sophisticated security measures, small business owners continue to suffer losses due to robberies. For example, one man named Digiorgio and his business partner spent $20,000 on security measures ranging from cameras, alarms, and panic switches to strobe lights and horns. Despite their efforts, their store was robbed at gunpoint in June 2022. Consequently, they made the difficult decision to go cashless to prioritize employee safety.

In Oakland, Mayor Sheng Thao has announced the arrest of nine suspects in connection with more than 30 robberies. However, it is evident that more needs to be done to combat this ongoing crisis. The city is putting in place measures to increase police presence by adding seven additional police officers dedicated to both foot patrol and traffic units. Additionally, the public safety budget will be restructured to boost the size of the force from 700 to 730 over the next two years.

It is important to note that the negative impacts of these robberies on small businesses are not just monetary. Small business owners employ a significant proportion of Oakland’s population, and the losses they have suffered have implications for the local economy. It is the responsibility of the authorities to ensure that citizens can carry out their daily business activities without fear.

It is a dire situation in Oakland, California, with small businesses experiencing a surge in robberies. While some are refusing to take cash payments, others are investing heavily in security. However, these measures are not enough to deal with the ongoing crisis. The city must take more urgent steps to protect the livelihoods of its residents.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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