Tucker on Twitter Ep. 4 “Wannabe Dictator”

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In a recent episode of “Tucker on Twitter,” Tucker Carlson openly criticizes Fox News for its apology following a chyron labeling President Joe Biden a “wannabe dictator.” The chyron appeared during the news coverage of ex-President Trump’s arrest, causing public outrage and leading to the resignation of a veteran producer. Carlson questions the subsequent outrage, commenting that lies appear no longer to be a concern, but such a characterization of Biden caused a stir.

Further, he compares Biden’s actions and policies to those of a dictator, highlighting issues like the widening wealth divide, stifling of dissent, and surveillance akin to dictatorship regimes. He also draws attention to the scandals surrounding Biden’s family, criticizing the media’s seeming indifference.

Ending his 12-minute monologue, Carlson depicts the backlash against Fox News as an overreaction, while simultaneously censuring his former network for their apology. Regardless of whether viewers agree with his views, Carlson’s audacious criticism demonstrates his determination to speak his perceived truth, even if it involves challenging his former colleagues.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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