Governor Abbott Strikes Again! Texas Sends Illegal Immigrants to New Sanctuary City

Due to President Joe Biden's inability to secure the border, small border towns in Texas have been overrun and overwhelmed.
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In yet another bold move, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott transported illegal immigrants to Los Angeles as part of his ongoing policy of taking illegal immigrants to cities that declared themselves as sanctuaries. About 40 illegals were offloaded at the Union Station in downtown LA, making it the first instance of Texans dropping off migrants at this location.

Governor Abbott has been quite vocal about the overwhelming number of illegal crossings into Texas from Mexico. Due to President Joe Biden’s inability to secure the border, small border towns in Texas have been overrun and overwhelmed. It is in response to this that Governor Abbott has embarked on his policy of transporting illegal immigrants to cities that have declared themselves as sanctuaries so that they may be taken care of there.

In a statement condemning the move from Governor Abbott, LA Mayor Karen Bass called for an end to human beings being used as pawns in cheap political games. However, the fact remains that ever since LA declared itself as a sanctuary city, it has been a major attraction for migrants. In fact, LA is one of the cities that Texas knows these migrants seek to go to, particularly after its leaders approved its self-declared sanctuary city status.

Governor Abbott’s move to send illegal immigrants to other cities has sparked heated debates amongst lawmakers. However, he remains steadfast in his resolve. The Governor has constantly maintained that his border communities are on the frontlines of Joe Biden’s border crisis, and Texas will continue offering this much-needed relief until the President steps up to do his job and secure the border.

It is not just LA that Governor Abbott has sent illegal immigrants to; previously, he had sent immigrants to Washington, D.C., New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Denver – all of which consider themselves as sanctuary cities.

It is high time that Joe Biden wakes up and takes notice of what is happening at the border. Failure to do so is leading to ever-increasing numbers of illegal immigrants coming into the United States. These individuals are taking advantage of the situation and the Biden Administration is doing nothing to stop them! Governor Abbott’s actions send a message to the President to step up and solve the issue of border security. Until then, states like Texas will continue to bear the brunt of this crisis.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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