Biden’s Authoritarianism vs. Trump: MSNBC’s Deceptive Narrative Exposed

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MSNBC recently published a report titled “Trump’s moves are right out of the authoritarian playbook.” This title, however, is a glaring example of the network’s gaslighting tactics. It is not Trump, but President Biden who is acting as the authoritarian, prosecuting his main 2024 opponent, Donald Trump. This article aims to expose the blatant spin and deception coming from MSNBC, shedding light on the true authoritarian in our midst: Joe Biden.

The MSNBC report, featuring Ruth Ben-Ghiat and Jonathan Capehart, discusses Trump’s use of what they call “authoritarian rhetoric.” They paint a picture of Trump as a dangerous demagogue, a cult leader who is inciting his followers to violence. However, their narrative conveniently ignores the authoritarian actions of President Biden.

Biden’s administration has been marked by a series of actions that are more fitting of an authoritarian regime than a democratic government. The most glaring example is the ongoing prosecution of Donald Trump. This is not a simple legal matter; it is a politically motivated attack on a potential opponent in the upcoming 2024 election. It is an attempt to silence a political adversary, a tactic commonly used by authoritarian regimes.

The MSNBC report also fails to address the increasing restrictions on freedom of speech and the growing culture of cancel culture under Biden’s administration. These are clear signs of an authoritarian government, not a democratic one. Yet, MSNBC chooses to focus on Trump’s rhetoric rather than Biden’s actions.

Furthermore, the report uses fear-mongering tactics, suggesting that Trump’s rhetoric could lead to another coup. This is a clear attempt to divert attention from Biden’s authoritarian actions and to paint Trump as the villain. It is a classic example of gaslighting, where the abuser manipulates the victim into questioning their perception of reality.

The report also conveniently ignores the fact that Trump’s poll numbers are rising. This is not because of some cult-like following, as MSNBC would have you believe, but because many Americans are growing increasingly dissatisfied with Biden’s authoritarian rule.

In conclusion, the MSNBC report is a clear example of the network’s bias and deception. It attempts to paint Trump as the authoritarian, while completely ignoringBiden’s authoritarian actions. It uses fear-mongering and gaslighting tactics to manipulate its viewers and to divert attention from the real issues at hand. This is not objective journalism; it is a blatant attempt to push a political agenda.

In the face of such blatant gaslighting and spin from MSNBC, it is crucial to question the narratives presented to us. The portrayal of Trump as the authoritarian is a deceptive diversion from the true authoritarian in our midst: Joe Biden. As we move towards the 2024 election, it is more important than ever to expose these manipulative tactics and to hold our leaders accountable for their actions. The future of our democracy depends on it.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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