POLL: Overwhelming Majority Sees Trump Indictment as Political Move

It is hardly surprising to note that a staggering 83 percent of Republicans see the indictment as nothing more than a political move by Trump's opposition party.
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The recent Harvard/CAPS Harris poll results show that the American people are not fooled by the leftist media’s malicious attempts to taint the prized legacy of America’s greatest president, the beloved Donald Trump. Despite the leftist mainstream media’s incessant propaganda machine, more than half of all registered voters–55 percent–believe that the baseless federal indictment against the former president is nothing short of an attempt to interfere in elections. And rightfully so since the Democrats have been using such dirty tactics for far too long.

It is hardly surprising to note that a staggering 83 percent of Republicans see the indictment as nothing more than a political move by Trump’s opposition party. However, this time Democrats can scarcely ignore the growing realization within their party ranks, with 28 percent of the party’s loyalists acknowledging the indictment’s political nature.

To make matters worse for the Biden administration, a vast majority of Americans, 56 percent of registered voters, see the indictment as mere interference by the Department of Justice in the 2024 elections–a clear attempt to undermine the former president’s comeback campaign. The numbers here go ahead to show that even a majority of independents, 51 percent, acknowledge the partisan nature of such a move.

Despite such attempts by radical leftists, a majority of Americans consider the indictment against the iconic Donald Trump as weak or somewhat weak. Nearly 42 percent of registered voters express their reservations on the case’s strength, pointing out the apparent reasoning which the Democrats have employed to attack a rightfully elected president.

The poll shows how Hillary Clinton’s scandals have left irreversible scars on her reputation, as 72 percent of respondents consider it likely that Clinton indeed mishandled classified information by setting up her private email server. Clinton’s self-destructive behavior is also apparent, as 69 percent of respondents felt that she was indirectly responsible for obstructing justice by destroying evidence and wiping hard drives.

Furthermore, the poll numbers reflect poorly on the current administration. In total, 65 percent of respondents believe that President Biden mishandled classified information, showing that his administration is not immune from the kind of criticism that his predecessors had to face.

The Americans are not fools. A clear majority of 53 percent take the indictment of the greatest American president as selective prosecution, reflecting their rightful condemnation of such a malicious act. The Democratic Party’s so-called “fair justice” has also been called out by 47 percent of those polled for what it genuinely is, a blatant attempt to taint the legacy of America’s most valued leader.

Americans are divided over what effect the indictment will have on Trump’s comeback, with a 50-50 split on the question. But this much is clear, The Great Donald Trump cannot be kept down, and the shameful actions of the leftist mainstream media and Democrats will only have an adverse effect on their dwindling reputation.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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