Soros-Funded ACLU Defends Murderer’s “Enormous Suffering”

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Uncover the shocking truth behind the ACLU’s sickening sympathy for a killer and rapist. Prepare to be appalled by the left’s audacious agenda as they push for “medically necessary gender-affirming care” for a murderer while turning a blind eye to the innocent lives he mercilessly ended. Brace yourself for the disturbing details!

Following the execution of Duane Owen, the ACLU took to Twitter to express its sympathy for this remorseless killer, conveniently forgetting his horrific crimes. The far-left non-profit, partially funded by billionaire George Soros, claimed that the state of Florida violated Owen’s rights by denying him transgender surgery, causing him “enormous suffering.” But what about the suffering endured by the mother of two and the 14-year-old girl he brutally raped and murdered?

The ACLU’s tweet sparked immediate outrage across the nation. People from all walks of life, including liberals, couldn’t fathom how the organization could defend a man responsible for such despicable acts. Social media users expressed their disgust, questioning the ACLU’s values and its warped priorities.

While Owen’s lawyers attempted to argue insanity, state psychiatrists testified that he feigned schizophrenia and showed no signs of gender dysphoria. In fact, his records revealed a pattern of sexual sadism, confirming his twisted and violent nature. It’s clear that Owen’s desire to be housed in a women’s prison stemmed from his malicious intent to be around more potential victims.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed Owen’s death warrant last month, and the state’s Supreme Court ruled in favor of his execution. Despite Owen’s lawyers claiming he lacked understanding due to his psychotic delusions and dementia, the court decided that the punishment was fitting for his heinous crimes.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody urged the Supreme Court to reject further inmate appeals to proceed with Owen’s execution, which was carried out on Thursday. Justice was finally served, bringing closure to the victims’ families and society as a whole.

The ACLU’s tweet and subsequent defense of a rapist and murderer is a chilling reminder of the left’s skewed priorities. Instead of focusing on the well-being and safety of law-abiding citizens, they champion the rights of criminals. It’s a dangerous path that undermines justice and threatens our society’s fabric.

The ACLU’s tweet sympathizing with a rapist and killer has ignited a firestorm of outrage. Liberals and conservatives alike are condemning the organization’s misplaced priorities. The suffering of victims should never be overshadowed by the concerns of criminals. Let this be a wake-up call to all those who value justice and morality.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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