Soldiers on the Brink: Army’s New Fat Standards Could Spell Disaster as Obesity Rates Soar

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Is the U.S. Army teetering on the brink of collapse? Shocking revelations about the military’s new body fat standards will leave you astounded. Obesity rates are skyrocketing, and soldiers are set to fail in unprecedented numbers. This crisis threatens our national defense and the safety of our troops. Discover the alarming truth that our government doesn’t want you to know!

The U.S. Army is in the midst of a crisis as the nation’s obesity epidemic infiltrates the military ranks. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a staggering 19% of active-duty service members were classified as obese in 2020, a significant increase from 16% in 2015. The consequences of this weight epidemic are dire, with many soldiers failing the U.S. Army’s new body fat standard test.

The previous measurement method, known as the tape test, assessed body fat by measuring specific areas of a soldier’s body, depending on their gender. However, under the new standards, the measurement will be taken around the naval for all soldiers. CNN’s data reveals a shocking revelation – approximately 34% of soldiers who passed the previous test did not meet the required standards. With the transition to the new measurement method, experts predict that even more soldiers will fail.

The tape test is utilized when a soldier’s weight does not align with the requirements outlined in the body mass index screening table. Army Secretary Christine Wormuth recently signed a directive, set to be implemented in the coming year, phasing in the tape test as a means to combat the issue. However, doubts remain about the effectiveness of this approach.

To address the weight crisis, the Army established the Army Body Composition Program. This program provides soldiers with the guidance of fitness trainers and registered dietitians, aiming to assist those who have not met their weight requirements. Nevertheless, soldiers who continuously fail to meet the standards risk being separated from the service after six months.

The consequences of this crisis extend beyond individual soldiers and impact the overall strength and readiness of the U.S. Army. A 2018 report by the CDC revealed that a staggering 71% of young people in the United States would be unable to join the military due to being overweight or obese. With the obesity epidemic affecting both recruitment and retention, the Army faces a daunting challenge to maintain a high-quality fighting force.

Sgt. Maj. Christopher Stevens, the senior enlisted commander of the Army’s personnel office, highlighted the gravity of the situation. He expressed the Army’s commitment to reassessing and retaining quality, emphasizing the need for comprehensive measures to address the weight crisis.

Despite the alarming nature of this crisis, the U.S. Army has remained tight-lipped. The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment went unanswered, raising concerns about transparency and accountability within the military.

In an era where national security is paramount, the U.S. Army’s failure to tackle the obesity crisis presents a perilous situation. The new body fat standards risk undermining soldier readiness and compromising the integrity of our military. Urgent action is needed to address this crisis before it further weakens our defense capabilities.

Next News Network Team

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