Despicable Geraldo Rivera Leaves ‘The Five’: A Triumph for Conservative Viewers

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Say your goodbyes, folks! The proverbial thorn in Fox News’ side, Geraldo Rivera, is finally parting ways with the network’s popular show, ‘The Five’. Bidding farewell on Twitter, the commentator couldn’t help but utter his usual whiny sentiments. Unsurprisingly, it’s not a teary departure for the conservative audience; rather, it’s a long-awaited emancipation from Rivera’s continual gripes and lackluster commentary.

Regarded by many as Fox News’ most insufferable commentator, Geraldo Rivera, has finally conceded to exit the network’s leading show, ‘The Five’. His Twitter announcement confirmed his departure and elicited a collective sigh of relief from viewers, and possibly co-hosts too. The embattled Rivera, who habitually assumed the ‘odd man out’ position, struggled to resonate with the show’s conservative audience, delivering what many perceived as tedious monologues rather than thoughtful insights.

In his Twitter farewell, Rivera’s familiar moaning tone did not go unnoticed. Instead of accepting his inevitable departure with grace, he chose to sulk about feeling excluded and lamented to the AP about the ‘tension’ on the show. Rivera even took a veiled jab at his co-host, Greg Gutfeld, whose unrelenting wit and incisive rebuttals proved too hard to swallow for the departing correspondent.

Viewers had sensed Rivera’s departure long before it happened. He had been missing from the show sporadically over the past month. It was almost like Fox News was preparing its audience for the relief of not having to endure Rivera’s whiny rhetoric, much like slowly weaning off an annoying habit. And when the announcement finally came, it was met with overwhelming support from viewers ready for an era of fresh, insightful, and intelligent commentary.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Rivera claimed that he voluntarily decided to leave ‘The Five’, a statement that drew skeptical reactions from those familiar with the show’s dynamics. He explained that while there were certainly some differences in opinion and personal annoyances, the tension between certain individuals had grown to be too much. As an experienced journalist with years of experience in the field, Rivera made the decision that the stress and frustration simply wasn’t worth it. It’s hard to believe that Fox News was reluctant to let go of someone who seemed to embody everything the conservative audience found exasperating. Rivera, after all, had been repeatedly schooled on air by co-host Gutfeld, whose sharp rejoinders to Rivera’s outlandish remarks added an entertaining layer to the show.

Moreover, the departure comes as Rivera’s contract with Fox News approaches its expiry in January 2025. There seems to be a high possibility that Rivera will completely disassociate himself from the network, a prospect that could elicit more cheers from conservative viewers.

One might argue that Rivera served as a convenient punching bag for Gutfeld, providing ample material for the latter’s popular late-night host gig. Yet, as the saying goes, the show must go on, and there is no doubt Gutfeld will continue to thrive, bringing his unique brand of humor and insightful commentary to Fox News’ audience.

In fact, Rivera’s departure could well be a blessing in disguise for ‘The Five’. Now unshackled from the divisive Rivera, the show has the opportunity to cultivate a more harmonious and stimulating environment, better catering to its conservative viewership.

Geraldo Rivera’s departure is no tragedy, but a refreshing chance for Fox News and ‘The Five’. His exit symbolizes the end of an era characterized by incessant griping and unsubstantiated statements. As the conservative viewers rejoice, we too join in bidding adieu to Rivera. May ‘The Five’ now ascend to unprecedented heights, free from the shackles of his often frustrating presence. Good riddance, Geraldo – may your exit herald the dawn of insightful, thought-provoking commentary on ‘The Five’.

His last appearance on “The Five” will be June 30.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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