John Durham Fires Back: Perfect Response to Dems Attack on His Reputation

It is clear that the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee have no interest in uncovering the truth about the FBI's investigation into the Trump campaign.
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In a disgraceful display of partisan grandstanding, Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee attacked Special Counsel John Durham and his investigation into the FBI’s handling of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation. Despite having the opportunity to learn more about the FBI’s actions and Durham’s recommendations for improvement, Democrats chose to engage in baseless attacks on Durham’s character and credibility.

Rep. Steve Cohen of Tennessee epitomized the Democrats’ delusional mindset, going on a deranged tirade against Durham and President Trump. Cohen’s comments demonstrated the continued presence of “Trump Derangement Syndrome” among House Democrats, who seem unable to accept the results of the 2016 election and the fact that their corrupt candidate lost.

Cohen’s rant included the absurd claim that anyone who associates with President Trump will see their reputation destroyed, a notion that is patently ridiculous and devoid of any factual basis. Cohen’s attack on Durham’s character was shameful and uncalled for, and it revealed the Democrats’ true motives: to protect the politicized FBI bureaucracy at all costs.

Despite the Democrats’ attempts to distract from the issue at hand, Durham remained calm and focused, handling the antics with good humor and poise. His response to Cohen’s ramblings demonstrated a commitment to integrity and a disregard for baseless attacks on his reputation.

It is clear that the Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee have no interest in uncovering the truth about the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign. Instead, they are intent on protecting the interests of the deep state and preserving a corrupt status quo.

It is imperative that Republicans on the committee continue to stand up for the truth and demand accountability for those who abused their power to spy on a political campaign. Only by holding the FBI accountable for its actions can we ensure that our justice system remains fair and impartial, and that the principles of democracy are upheld.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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