Riley Gaines Speaks Out: Blasts NCAA for Allowing Men to Compete Against Women Without Consent

Gaines, who is now an activist, is working hard to save women's sports and encourage the sports world to disallow men claiming to be 'transgender' women from competing as women.
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In recent times, the NCAA has been criticized for allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports under the pretext of being transgender women. This has drawn backlash from conservatives, who claim that it is a direct affront to the principles of biological reality and the natural order of things. In the latest development, former Kentucky swimming champion, Riley Gaines, has come forward to decry the ‘unfair’ treatment meted out to biologically female athletes in the NCAA.

Speaking during a recent Senate hearing on ‘Protecting Pride: Defending the Civil Rights of LGBTQ+ Americans,’ Gaines didn’t mince words as she berated the NCAA for allowing biological male Lia Thomas to compete as a woman. According to Gaines, Thomas had appeared on the scene claiming to have transitioned into a female and joined the University of Pennsylvania women’s swimming team, where he began pushing biological females out of contention. Gaines went on to reveal how humiliating it was for her to tie with Thomas in fifth place in the 200-yard NCAA freestyle championship the day after the latter had won the 500-yard freestyle.

Gaines said that her feelings didn’t matter, adding that Thomas had to have the trophy for the pictures. She lamented that the NCAA had betrayed, belittled, and reduced her to a photo-op just to favor a biological male. Gaines argued that Federal Title IX rules should not be used to displace female athletes in the pool and on the podium. She also accused the NCAA of intentionally and explicitly discriminating on the basis of sex.

Gaines, who is now an activist, is working hard to save women’s sports and encourage the sports world to disallow men claiming to be ‘transgender’ women from competing as women. She also spoke eloquently about how women’s safety and security are at risk when forced to share gender-neutral locker rooms with biological males. Gaines noted how the NCAA forced her and other female swimmers to share a locker room with Thomas, a 6-foot-4, 22-year-old male with male genitalia exposed.

According to Gaines, many of the female athletes ‘felt uncomfortable, embarrassed, and traumatized’ by the experience. She said that she saw tears from the ninth and 17th place finishers who missed out on being named an All-American by one place. She also spoke about the whispers and the grumbles of anger and frustration from the girls. They were pushed into the women’s section while Thomas watched them from the men’s section. Gaines laments that around the country, female athletes who opposed the inclusion of Lia Thomas in the women’s division were threatened, intimidated, and emotionally blackmailed into silence and submission.

In conclusion, it’s heartbreaking to see how the NCAA has allowed leftist ideology to infiltrate and wreak havoc on women’s sports. The organization is insisting on promoting a fake agenda that will only lead to more harm than good. Sporting events must be fair and just, and the NCAA can protect the rights of everyone by rejecting biological males competing as women in women’s sports. Women’s rights must not be sacrificed on the altar of political correctness!

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