Title 42 Lifted: Chaos Unleashed as Border Crisis Escalates!

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The border crisis reaches new heights! Learn the shocking truth about the Biden administration’s failure to secure our borders. The latest CBP report exposes the chaos and dangers unleashed by lifting Title 42. Discover the staggering numbers that demonstrate the urgency of this situation.

The month of May brought a dramatic shift as Title 42, a crucial tool for immigration enforcement, was no longer being enforced. Despite a 25 percent decrease compared to May 2022, CBP encountered a concerning 169,244 illegal immigrants between ports of entry along the U.S.-Mexico border. These numbers, while lower than last year, are still higher than in previous years, painting a grim picture of an ongoing crisis.

At the southern border ports of entry, customs officers recorded 35,317 encounters. Shockingly, 28,696 individuals presented with CBP One appointments, which raises serious concerns about the Biden administration’s handling of the immigration system. Under the current administration, migrants in Mexico can secure a CBP One appointment to claim asylum at a port of entry. This policy has led to an overwhelming number of people flooding the border and exploiting legal loopholes.

CBP’s total encounters along the country’s southern border in May were a staggering 204,561. However, it is important to note that CBP’s numbers do not account for the “gotaways,” individuals who evade capture and go uncounted, which remains a significant issue.

Senior Official Performing the Duties of CBP Commissioner, Troy Miller, acknowledged the reduction in encounters but emphasized the need for continuous monitoring and adjustment in response to changing trends. While the Biden administration has celebrated the lack of a significant surge, the reality is that daily Border Patrol encounter numbers far exceed what can be considered manageable.

Congressional Republicans have raised serious concerns, accusing the Biden administration of violating the law by paroling a massive number of individuals through the CBP One app. Historically, parole was granted on a case-by-case basis, but now tens of thousands of people are being paroled into the United States every month. This blatant disregard for the rule of law only exacerbates the border crisis and undermines our national security.

The CBP report exposes the failures and dangerous consequences of the Biden administration’s immigration policies. It is clear that their open borders approach is causing chaos and overwhelming our Border Patrol. Urgent action is needed to secure our borders, protect American citizens, and enforce the law.

The situation at our southern border demands immediate attention. The CBP report reveals a dire crisis, with record encounters and an overwhelmed Border Patrol. The Biden administration’s immigration policies have failed to address this escalating situation effectively. It is time for accountability and decisive action to restore order and protect our nation. Our borders must be secured, our laws upheld. We cannot afford to continue down this dangerous path. Together, let’s demand a change.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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