Congressman Donalds Holds Nothing Back On The Biden Global Scandal

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In a bombshell interview on Jesse Watters’ show, Republican Congressman Byron Donalds made shocking allegations against the Biden family, accusing them of a pay-for-play scandal involving foreign entities. With unwavering conviction, Donalds called out Joe Biden’s purported lies, the cover-up by the FBI and the Department of Justice, and the mainstream media’s complicity in gaslighting the American people.

Donalds, a prominent Republican representative from Florida, minced no words as he leveled serious allegations against the Biden family during his appearance on Jesse Watters’ show. His claims centered on a pay-for-play scandal involving the Bidens’ acceptance of money from foreign sources, including the Chinese, Ukrainians, and Romanians.

“What we have here is public corruption,” Donalds declared, his voice filled with severity. He accused Joe Biden of knowingly deceiving the American people and asserted that the FBI and the Department of Justice, at the highest levels, were engaged in a cover-up to protect the Bidens. The congressman called it a grave betrayal of the nation’s trust.


Congressman Donald’s on Fox News

Furthermore, Donalds highlighted the apparent hypocrisy of the Bidens’ tax obligations. While advocating for higher taxes on Americans, they allegedly concealed their ill-gotten gains obtained from overseas, evading their fair share of taxes. The congressman expressed his concern for the American people, who were expected to foot the bill while the Bidens enjoyed their hidden wealth.

One of Donalds’ most scathing critiques was directed at the mainstream media, whom he accused of either ignoring the scandal or downplaying it as an expression of a father’s love for his son. He denounced this narrative as a joke, a lie, and a travesty for the country. Representative Donalds firmly stated that accountability must prevail, as Joe Biden’s compromised position demands.

To ensure accountability, the House Oversight Committee, led by James Comer, has launched a full-blown investigation into the allegations. Under oath, individuals are being interviewed, and evidence is being gathered to build a comprehensive picture of the situation. The probe extends beyond Joe Biden himself and also scrutinizes the involvement of his brother, Jim Biden.

“Don’t forget Jim. He may not be a crackhead, but Jim Biden is involved in this as well,” Donalds emphasized, shedding light on another member of the Biden family allegedly tied to the scandal.

In response to these accusations, President Biden dismissed them as “a bunch of malarkey,” making light of the situation. However, Donalds, alongside other Republicans like Representative Jim Jordan, remains undeterred. They are pushing for further investigations and even seeking to withhold government funding for the FBI amid claims of corruption within the agency.

According to Donalds, the alleged scandal and its cover-up are part of a broader political strategy aimed at damaging Republicans and advancing the Democratic agenda, including the controversial Green New Deal. He argued that the American people were being gaslighted by the left to protect Biden and his family.

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