Michelle Obama’s Heartbreak: Fair College Admissions Now a Reality?

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The former First Lady, Michelle Obama, claims her heart is breaking. Yet, the reason might perplex you. She expresses her pain as the Supreme Court’s latest ruling restores fairness in college admissions, ending the discriminatory practices of affirmative action. Her heartache stems from the victory of equality for Asian-American students. Isn’t fairness in education something to celebrate rather than mourn?

The Supreme Court’s pivotal decision on Thursday to abandon race as a factor in college admissions has sent shockwaves through the nation, with particularly strong ripples felt by one Michelle Obama. The former First Lady, both Princeton and Harvard alumni, responded to the groundbreaking verdict with a confusing mix of emotions.

Obama publicly conveyed her sorrow over the ruling, stating, “My heart breaks for any young person out there who’s wondering what their future holds — and what kinds of chances will be open to them.” Yet, this statement is enigmatic at best. Shouldn’t we welcome a system where every individual is given an equal shot at a brighter future, regardless of their racial identity?

In her own words, she acknowledged that affirmative action cast a “shadow” that she and many others found hard to shake. Students admitted to prestigious institutions through affirmative action often felt scrutinized, doubted whether they truly earned their place. Wouldn’t the removal of this “shadow” give room for the sunshine of accomplishment and deserved recognition?

The case, filed by Students for Fair Admissions, claimed that racial preference policies of prominent institutions such as Harvard University and the University of North Carolina unfairly disadvantaged Asian-American students. The Court’s verdict, therefore, serves to level the playing field and give every student a fair shot at success based on merit, not race.

Justice Clarence Thomas, in his affirmation of the ruling, declared, “Racialism simply cannot be undone by different or more racialism.” His words echo the sentiment of true equality – the notion that every individual, irrespective of skin color or identity, should be treated equally under the law. This ruling strives to make this ideal a reality in our education system, creating opportunities based on merit rather than ethnicity.

Interestingly, even former President Barack Obama agreed that affirmative action had its flaws. He conceded that while it wasn’t perfect, it paved the way for students like him and Michelle to prove they belonged. Now, with the undoing of affirmative action, all students can be evaluated based on their abilities, hard work, and determination, which ought to be a reason for celebration rather than heartbreak.

The ruling brings us closer to a future where black Americans, and indeed all students, can take pride in their academic achievements without the cloud of affirmative action casting doubts over their accomplishments. It heralds an era where admission to an institution is an unequivocal testament to a student’s capabilities, hard work, and dedication.

Michelle Obama’s heartbreak over the Supreme Court’s decision seems contrary to the principles of fairness and equality it upholds. In truth, this verdict should be seen as a beacon of hope, a step towards a future where students are judged solely on their merits and potential, free from the shroud of racial discrimination. A truly ‘fair’ education system should be cause for joy, not sorrow. It’s time to embrace a world where opportunities are open to everyone based on their hard work and not the color of their skin.

Gary Franchi

Gary Franchi

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