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Imagine the audacity of French President Emmanuel Macron, choosing to boogie at an Elton John concert while his own citizens cry out in the streets, their voices drowned by the roar of riotous fires. Macron isn’t just out of touch, he’s dancing on a tightrope of his own making, and beneath him, the people of France boil with justified anger. They demand leadership, yet Macron seems to believe ‘Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting’ is his governing anthem.



Our heart aches for Nahel M., a life tragically cut short in a routine traffic stop, a spark igniting the fury of a nation. The City of Love, now a battleground with no less than 45,000 police deployed. Yet, Macron chooses the soundtrack of Elton John over the cries of his people. Is this leadership or a dance of dereliction? One thing’s clear: Macron’s dance card is about to be revoked.

Amidst the fireworks and barbecues this Fourth of July, there’s a fresh battle brewing, and it’s not over the grill. NFL legend Troy Aikman is taking a stand for authenticity, calling out beer brands that deck their cans in stars and stripes but fail to truly represent the spirit of America.

As founder of Eight Elite Light Lager, a true American beer brewed on our home turf, Aikman’s making a bold call for a patriotic pint this Independence Day. Bud Light’s recent marketing misstep, exploiting transgender narratives for profit, is a prime example of the deceit at play. Aikman’s stance? Don’t let flashy labels and politicized campaigns fool you, choose beer that bleeds red, white, and blue – like his own Eight Lager.

Patriotism isn’t a seasonal gimmick; it’s the enduring heartbeat of our nation. So here’s to truth, authenticity, and a damn good American brew.

Tucker Carlson, in his characteristic no-holds-barred style, recently dissected the motives of Admiral Rachel Levine, a transgender member of Biden’s crew. Carlson laid bare the fundamental issue – the deliberate manipulation of Levine’s ‘personal journey’ as a tool to gather power, while presenting it as empowerment for others.

Levine, widely applauded by the left for declaring a ‘summer of pride,’ neglected to share her previous life’s accomplishments or her family life. As per Carlson, Levine is no more than a ‘fat guy in a Halloween costume who became a federal health minister’.

The bigger issue here is the blatant power-grab under the guise of liberation. Levine’s transformation isn’t about liberating others; it’s about her personal journey and gaining power. Tucker warns us: this isn’t about freedom, it’s a religious war. The left believes they are gods, creating their own reality.

The chronicles of Hunter Biden continue, as his lifestyle of decadence and depravity are once more laid bare before us. Photos recently leaked from his laptop showcase drug use, reckless driving, and indecent acts with multiple women.

In one image, Hunter seems to be enjoying a crack pipe while steering his car through a residential area of Virginia back in 2018. And the reckless driving didn’t stop there – another photo shows his speedometer at a terrifying 172 mph. He also entertained a series of inappropriate exchanges with women regarding debauched party plans.

His ongoing antics serve to endanger others, demonstrating a complete lack of regard for safety or decency. Yet he continues to avoid any severe legal consequences. It’s time for America to hold him accountable.

The Donald is back on the stage, folks. At a recent South Carolina rally, former President Trump promised to investigate what he called the ‘most corrupt president in history,’ President Joe Biden, and his family. And as you can imagine, mainstream media along with their Biden-protective bubbles didn’t take it well. But for Americans craving justice, Trump’s vow to pull the veil from the deep state is a beacon of hope. Despite liberal media’s attempts to vilify him, and current indictments against him, Trump stands firm. His message? He’s not afraid to expose corruption, even when it leads straight to the White House.

Macron dances while France burns, Aikman calls for authentic patriotism, Carlson exposes the transgender agenda, Hunter Biden’s debauchery shocks, and Trump vows to reveal Biden’s corruption. These are the stories the mainstream media avoids or downplays, but they are the stories that matter to the American people. It’s time to cut through the liberal bias and take a closer look at the leaders who claim to represent us. The truth is out there, waiting to be discovered. Stay tuned to “NewsBeat Interactive: 60 Minutes with Franchi” for the real news, the bold news, and the news that won’t be silenced.

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