WATCH: Tucker Carlson Torches ‘Admiral Rachel’ in Latest Monologue

What's alarming is that Levine's agenda has nothing to do with empowering others or helping the American people.
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In a recent episode of his new show “Tucker on Twitter,” the fearless Tucker Carlson took on the issue of Admiral Rachel Levine, a transgender member of the Biden administration. Carlson had no qualms going after Levine, who identifies as a woman, and accused her of using her “personal journey” to gain power instead of empowering others.

Levine has been praised by the left for her recent video wishing the nation a “happy pride” and declaring the entire summer as a “summer of pride.” However, Carlson saw right through this and pointed out that Levine failed to mention her former wife and children or what she has achieved to be so proud of herself.

Carlson also wasn’t shy about calling out Levine’s past and highlighting her previous life as a “married pediatrician with kids lecturing about eating disorders at Penn State.” He labeled Levine a “fat guy in a Halloween costume who somehow became a federal health minister” before pointing out that Levine is just another member of the left who believes they are God and can set the rules and limits of reality.

What’s alarming is that Levine’s agenda has nothing to do with empowering others or helping the American people. It’s all about Levine’s “personal journey” and becoming more powerful. Carlson stated that Levine’s transformation isn’t about freeing anyone from any inflexible husk that they were born in and becoming their true selves. It’s only about Levine’s journey and what she can do to gain even more power.

Levine likes to pretend that she’s some sort of trailblazer because she’s transgender, but the truth is that she’s just using that as an excuse to promote her own agenda. Carlson reminded his viewers that this isn’t about liberation, it’s just another religious war, with those on the left believing they can be God and make the rules.

It’s time for Americans to wake up and see through the facade of those like Rachel Levine and their left-wing agenda. We must stand with Tucker Carlson and his unrelenting pursuit of the truth.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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