U.S. Army Major’s Transgender Revelation Stirs Military Pond: Debates Not Done Yet!

U.S. Army Major's Transgender Revelation Stirs Military Pond: Debates Not Done Yet!
U.S. Army Major's Transgender Revelation Stirs Military Pond: Debates Not Done Yet!
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The Department of Defense has recently praised an Army Major, who identifies as transgender, for “inspiring” everyone around them. The notion that such a lifestyle choice is in any way heroic, or deserving of praise from our Nation’s military leadership, is deeply concerning to any American.

Our Armed Forces are meant to be the epitome of discipline, focus, and merit-based promotion. It is unacceptable to use one’s gender identity as a means to gain undue attention or recognition. Army Major, now transgender, deserves no such accolades, nor should their lifestyle be celebrated as a symbol of progress.

Sadly, it appears that Pentagon officials are more focused on promoting liberal ideology than ensuring our military is functioning at peak capacity. According to data provided by the RAND corporation, the military’s transgender policy undermines readiness and lethality. By promoting and defending these lifestyle choices, the Pentagon is putting our fighting force at increased risk.

What’s more, the widespread promotion of transgenderism within the military is a clear example of how political correctness is being prioritized over common sense. The military should always put the safety and security of our nation above all else, making sure that our fighting force is equipped to face any challenge that might come our way.

The fact that a transgender individual is being held up as an exemplary member of our military is indicative of just how far gone our country has become. Our nation’s military should be a meritocracy, where our best and brightest serve regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. If anything, highlighting one’s gender identity undermines this foundational principle of our military.

To sum it up, it is truly unfortunate that the Department of Defense has chosen to praise a transgender Army Major. By doing so, they are endorsing a lifestyle that continues to be deeply ungrounded and undermines morale and performance within our military. The Army Major in question, and others like him/her, should be evaluated for their abilities, not their identity or preferences. Our military needs strong, capable individuals who take their duty seriously – not individuals who see their participation as an opportunity to advance their own personal agendas.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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