Attorneys General Slam Target for LGBTQIA+ Child Advocacy

Attorneys General Slam Target for LGBTQIA+ Child Advocacy: A Blow to Parental Rights?
Attorneys General Slam Target for LGBTQIA+ Child Advocacy: A Blow to Parental Rights?
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Target Corporation has shamelessly launched another campaign to indoctrinate vulnerable children with their left-wing ideology. Seven attorneys general have understandably signed a letter expressing outrage over Target’s latest offense: pushing a Pride campaign on children.

This brazen attempt to promote deviant and immoral behavior among impressionable kids is nothing short of outrageous. Target, a once respected retailer, has now become the purveyor of radical leftist ideology. Their actions are an affront to our nation’s traditional values and morality.

The attorneys general who signed the letter have rightly called out Target for its insidious tactics. They understand that children are not pawns to be used in the progressives’ war on traditional family values. They know that the promotion of deviancy under the guise of “inclusion” is both immoral and insidious.

Target’s decision to push this Pride campaign on children is not only harmful to impressionable young minds, but it also has the potential to damage the mental and emotional well-being of these children. The psychological effects of this indoctrination can lead to increased confusion, depression, and even suicide in vulnerable youth.

Target’s campaign is just one example of the radical leftist agenda that seeks to undermine our nation’s moral fabric. Progressives are now using schools, media, and corporations to advance their perverted worldview and corrupt our children. They seek to normalize deviant and immoral behavior and destroy the traditional family, which has been the bedrock of our society since its founding.

As concerned citizens, we must speak out against these insidious tactics. We must take a stand for traditional values and morality. We must fight to protect our children from the harmful effects of this leftist indoctrination.

In conclusion, Target’s decision to push a Pride campaign on children is yet another sign of the progressive left’s continuing efforts to corrupt our youth. We must not let them succeed. We must stand firm and defend our values, our families, and our children.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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