CNN Addresses Joe Biden’s Refusal to Acknowledge Seventh Granddaughter

Biden's Family Saga: Denial, Secret Child and DNA Evidence Stir Political Tsunami!
Biden's Family Saga: Denial, Secret Child and DNA Evidence Stir Political Tsunami!
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The hypocrisy of the liberal elites has never been more evident! Joe Biden, the current President of the United States, has refused to acknowledge his own granddaughter despite knowing fully well that she exists! This shocking and disturbing information has come to light during a recent CNN panel discussion and it has sent shockwaves across the nation.

It’s not just sad, it’s outrageous that the President of the United States is turning his back on his own flesh and blood. Joe Biden’s actions reveal a complete lack of morals, values, and principles. As someone who claims to be a devout Catholic, he should be ashamed of himself for neglecting his own granddaughter.

To make matters worse, this situation is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Joe Biden’s shady past. It’s no secret that his son Hunter has been involved in all sorts of wrongdoing over the years, but what’s truly shocking is the extent to which Joe has been covering up for him.

For instance, it has been recently revealed that Hunter Biden was arrested back in 1988 for “possession of a controlled substance.” Not only was he cuffed, but he also received six months on probation. And guess what? Joe, who was then a senator from a neighboring state, helped get his son’s criminal record expunged!

This kind of corruption and abuse of power is just plain wrong. Joe Biden is not above the law and he should be held accountable for his actions. His refusal to acknowledge his granddaughter is just one example of his callous disregard for his own family, but it speaks to a broader problem of hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy among the liberal elite.

It’s time for the American people to wake up and demand better from our leaders. We deserve leaders who are moral, honest, and have a genuine concern for their constituents. Joe Biden does not meet any of these criteria and it’s time for him to step down from the presidency. The American people deserve better than his lies and deceit. It’s time for a change!

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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