KJP Runs to MSNBC, Condemns SCOTUS for Affirmative Action Ruling

White House Spat ensues Over Supreme Court Ruling on Racial Bias in College Admissions
White House Spat ensues Over Supreme Court Ruling on Racial Bias in College Admissions
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The Biden administration has once again shown their true colors as staunch defenders of affirmative action – otherwise known as government-sanctioned racial discrimination. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre has taken to MSNBC to rant about the recent Supreme Court ruling which outlawed discriminatory practices in college admissions. She has the audacity to claim that the decision represents the judiciary “taking away important constitutional rights”. The truth is, the Court simply put an end to a system that allowed universities to discriminate on the basis of race, something that is blatantly unconstitutional.

It is shocking that the chief spokesperson for the White House would defend such an indefensible position and it makes one wonder just how far the Biden administration is willing to go in their efforts to promote systemic racism. Pierre’s statements are nothing short of an attack on American values and represent a complete disregard for the majority of Americans who oppose any sort of race-based considerations in college admissions.

Despite leftist identity activists pushing for affirmative action, polls consistently show that the American people overwhelmingly oppose it. This is a 70/30 to 80/20 issue, with leftist identity activists remaining in the small, pro-discrimination minority. The fact that a representative of the highest office of the land would go against the will of the American people is disgraceful.

The Supreme Court ruling rightly concludes that affirmative action is unconstitutional. If universities are truly dedicated to diversity, they should not achieve it through racial discrimination. The Court has made the only correct decision under the law, and the fact that it is immensely popular only underscores the deep flaws in the Biden administration’s embrace of identity politics.

The Democrats are so radical and obsessed with identity politics that they are endorsing discrimination against people based on the color of their skin, including people of color. They believe in progress but what they are actually promoting is regression. They are so convinced of their own righteousness that they cannot see the true damage they are causing to America and its citizens.

The Left is actively working to undermine the Supreme Court as an institution, bombarding it with garbage hit pieces, ad hominem attacks, and outright threats. They refuse to accept the Court’s decision because it goes against their agenda of promoting divisive and harmful policies. It is essential that Americans stand up to this onslaught and demand that our leaders respect our constitutional rights and values, and put an end to this dangerous and unconstitutional practice of affirmative action.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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