Texas Installs Floating Anti-Immigrant Barriers on Rio Grande

Texas Stirs Controversy with Floating Anti-Immigrant Barriers on Rio Grande
Texas Stirs Controversy with Floating Anti-Immigrant Barriers on Rio Grande
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The sovereignty of the United States of America is under grave threat, ladies and gentlemen. The crisis at our southern border has reached fever pitch, and the Biden administration is doing little to protect our nation from the influx of illegal immigrants and narcotics pouring in. Thankfully, the State of Texas has taken upon itself to defend our borders and erect a barrier that will prevent illegal crossings and secure our nation.

It is an open secret that the leftist agenda revolves around flooding our country with illegal aliens in order to tilt the balance of power in their favor. They seek to upend our democracy by granting citizenship to millions of individuals who have neither earned nor deserve it. The Biden administration, in its infinite shortsightedness, has only exacerbated the problem by terminating the construction of the border wall that President Trump put in place.

It is in this critical moment that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has demonstrated true leadership by committing to completing the construction of the border barrier that Joe Biden has shamelessly left unfinished. This barrier will serve as a bulwark against the tide of criminality and degeneracy that is threatening to overrun our southern border. It will discourage illegal immigrants from attempting to cross, while allowing our brave law enforcement officers to focus on more important matters.

Moreover, it is imperative that we address the root cause of the problem, which is the criminal organizations that traffic drugs and human beings into our country. These cartels pose a mortal threat to our society and must be neutralized at all costs. The border wall will serve as an effective barrier against their nefarious schemes.

The decision of Governor Abbott, and indeed, the entire Lone Star State, is a shining example of what true patriotism and love of country look like. They have taken it upon themselves to defend our border and protect our nation when the feckless politicians in Washington have proven themselves incapable of doing so.

In conclusion, we must stand together as Americans and demand that our government take action to secure our southern border. We must protect our nation from the perils that lie beyond it, and we must not let the leftist agenda destroy what generations of Americans have fought so hard to build. Texas has shown us the way forward, and it is up to us to follow.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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