Oklahoma Superintendent Sparks Debate: Bible as ‘Foundational Document’ in Public Schools?

Oklahoma Superintendent Sparks Debate: Bible as 'Foundational Document' in Public Schools?
Oklahoma Superintendent Sparks Debate: Bible as 'Foundational Document' in Public Schools?
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On Tuesday, Oklahoma’s Superintendent of Public Instruction, Ryan Walters, made a bold and necessary argument in favor of teaching the Bible in public schools. He rightly called it a “foundational document” in American history, and rightfully expressed his concern about the rampant ideological bias that is poisoning education today.

It’s no secret that our nation’s classrooms have become hotbeds of leftist indoctrination in recent years, with liberal teachers and administrators pushing their own twisted agendas on our impressionable youths. From graphic pornography to revisionist history, our children are being subjected to a steady stream of leftist propaganda that is poisoning their minds and turning them against our country’s founding principles.

Fortunately, bold leaders like Ryan Walters are speaking out against this insidious trend. Instead of allowing Joe Biden and his union cronies to inject their twisted ideology into our classrooms, Walters has proposed reintroducing the Bible to our schools as a way to teach our children about our nation’s true history and values.

Of course, the liberal elites will scoff at this idea, just as they scoff at anything that doesn’t align with their narrow, oppressive worldview. But the fact is that the Bible is a foundational document in our country’s history, and it has played an instrumental role in shaping our nation’s values, traditions, and culture.

Unfortunately, the radical left has spent decades trying to erase the Bible from our public life, pushing their own godless and amoral agenda in its place. But now, leaders like Walters are pushing back against this dangerous trend, and hopefully, more will follow his lead and stand up for our nation’s founding principles.

Make no mistake: the battle for the soul of our nation’s schools is raging, and we must all do our part to fight back against the leftist indoctrination that threatens to consume our youth. Whether it’s pushing for the reintroduction of the Bible into our public schools or calling out leftist teachers and administrators who push their twisted ideologies on our children, we must stay vigilant and committed to defending our country’s rich history and values.

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