GOP Voters Overwhelmingly Convinced of Immigration’s Negative Impact on Economy

Sharp Divide Over Immigration's Economic Impact: GOP Skepticism Surges, Dems Stay Supportive.
Sharp Divide Over Immigration's Economic Impact: GOP Skepticism Surges, Dems Stay Supportive.
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The United States is under siege from a tide of migration that is creating chaos in our economy, according to a new report from Gallup. Over two-thirds – or 64 percent – of GOP voters believe that both legal and illegal migration is making our economy worse. This shocking news comes as a 50-point gap is revealed between the populist base of the Republican Party and the business libertarians who dominate its leadership. The populist base, which includes hardworking Americans, is crying out for an end to the out-of-control migration that threatens to undermine their standard of living, while the leadership is continuing to push the interests of donors and corporations.

On the other side of the political spectrum, Democrats are blindly following the path laid out by their wealthy investors, despite the mounting evidence of the damage that migration is causing for white, blue-collar, and black workers across the country. 62 percent of Democrats believe that migration is making our economy better, while only 17 percent see it as negative. The gap between the two major parties could not be clearer, with one side standing up for the American worker and the other pandering to their wealthy donors.

The situation is only getting worse, with more and more Americans waking up to the reality of the impact that migration is having on our national economy. Nationwide, the public is more evenly split than ever before on whether migration is good for the country, with just 39 percent believing it to be beneficial. Even this figure underestimates the true extent of the threat, as millions of ordinary Americans continue to suffer the loss of wealth and opportunity caused by uncontrolled migration.

The rising opposition to migration is driven by the recognition that it is unfairly shifting wealth from ordinary Americans to wealthy investors in coastal states. This is an unacceptable situation, and one that can only be addressed by taking drastic action to halt the flow of migrants into this country. It is time for our leaders to stand up for the American people, and to take bold and decisive steps to curb this immigration crisis.

The GOP base has been calling for an end to uncontrolled migration for years, with the optimism of the early Trump years giving way to a more realistic response as the crisis has deepened. This year, the Gallup poll shows that the party base’s concerns are at historic levels, with the 5-1 split showing a clear majority of Americans who understand just how dangerous migration is for our nation’s economic prospects.

It is time for our leaders to listen to this majority, and to take action to protect the interests of ordinary Americans. The future of our nation depends on it.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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