Blue State Governor Begs Residents to Shelter Illegal Migrants

Massachusetts' Governor Asks Residents to Shelter Immigrants amidst Soaring Crisis: Will They Respond?
Massachusetts' Governor Asks Residents to Shelter Immigrants amidst Soaring Crisis: Will They Respond?
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Massachusetts is spiraling out of control as the state’s officials are begging for residents to house illegal aliens and border crossers in their own private homes. The state’s Democrat Governor Maura Healey wants you to open up your doors to complete strangers, who may or may not be criminals. She’s asking for anyone to volunteer their bedrooms or apartments to illegals, even though the state is already paying for nearly 40 hotels and motels across the state to house them, all at the expense of hardworking taxpayers.

To make matters worse, a significant portion of the families in need of housing are not even American citizens. Many of those arriving in Boston have fled violence from Haiti and traveled through other states, just to eventually end up in Massachusetts, where there is nothing stopping them from continuing to live off the American taxpayer, while contributing nothing to society.

How can it be that the Healey administration is resorting to handouts to what Howie Carr refers to as the “new non-working classes, while abandoning America’s veterans, law-abiding citizens, and the homeless population in their own communities? The people of Massachusetts don’t want to throw their hard-earned money away on illegal alien amnesty programs, instead of taking care of their own.

Furthermore, when we hear that the majority of ultra-affluent suburban communities, such as Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, Cambridge, or Newburyport, are turning a blind eye to this catastrophic crisis and not accepting any illegals into their community, it tells us everything we need to know. So now, you either have to risk your own safety by opening your home to these illegal aliens, or watch as your tax dollars are spent on housing outsiders, while local veterans and families continue to live on the streets. Any sane person would realize that something needs to be done about this madness.

The bottom line is that there are already 316,000 illegal aliens residing in Massachusetts, and now the state government is actively encouraging even more to come in and take advantage of the liberal welfare system. There needs to be a shift towards prioritizing American citizens and legal residents, rather than prioritizing those who chose to break the law to get here. It’s time to start enforcing the laws of the land and stop filling the state’s coffers with taxpayers hard-earned cash. The politicians in Massachusetts need to start listening to their constituents, instead of their leftist, liberal agenda.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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