Trump Jr.’s Fiery Take on Affirmative Action Electrifies Turning Point Action Conference

Trump Jr.'s Fiery Take on Affirmative Action Electrifies Turning Point Action Conference
Trump Jr.'s Fiery Take on Affirmative Action Electrifies Turning Point Action Conference
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Donald Trump Jr. delivered a fiery speech Sunday at the Turning Point Action Conference in West Palm Beach. During his speech, he tackled the controversial topic of affirmative action and the response he received from the conservative crowd was explosive.

Trump Jr. accurately defined affirmative action, a flawed policy that has been responsible for admitting unqualified individuals into top universities. It allows institutions to offer preferential treatment based on race, gender, or nationality, rather than merit. This discrimination has cheated countless hard-working students who deserve admission based on their skills and intellect.

The left’s attacks on meritocracy have been far-reaching, going all the way to the top of the Democratic Party. Joy Reid, for instance, is a prominent MSNBC host who was caught on camera gloating about her admission to Harvard, stating: “I got into Harvard because of affirmative action.”

The younger Trump mocked this in his speech Sunday:

This single statement by Reid, a supposed journalist, is a clear indication of how affirmative action has corrupted the values of our educational institutions. Sadly, the left fails to acknowledge the harm being done by affirmative action and keeps pushing their divisive, discriminatory agenda.

The recent Supreme Court ruling to overturn affirmative action at colleges has been applauded by conservatives across the country. The highest court in the land understands that affirmative action policies are designed to discriminate against individuals who are more qualified, all in the name of achieving some kind of twisted social justice agenda.

Affirmative action has created a culture of entitlement that has sown the seeds of mediocrity and division. With its insistence on prioritizing race over merit, affirmative action has corrupted the American ideals of hard work and dedication. The conservative crowd at the Turning Point Action Conference stands united against this discrimination and will continue to fight for equality of opportunity for all, regardless of race or gender.

It’s time for the left to realize that affirmative action is a failed experiment that only serves to divide us further as a nation. It’s time to embrace meritocracy and rekindle the American dream of ensuring that everyone succeeds based on their hard work, dedication, and merit. The sooner we move away from affirmative action, the sooner we can start building a more united and prosperous America.

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