Tucker Carlson Blasts Fox for ‘Inhumane’ Treatment of His Staff Following Exit

Underbelly Exposed: Tucker Carlson Reveals Shocking Layoff Scandal at Fox News
Underbelly Exposed: Tucker Carlson Reveals Shocking Layoff Scandal at Fox News
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The recent treatment of Tucker Carlson’s remaining staff at Fox News has caused a stir in the conservative community, and rightfully so. According to Chadwick Moore, the remaining nine employees at the network were subjected to a degrading and humiliating experience when they were forcibly marched out of the building and met by Fox News’ human resources department. The question on everyone’s mind is: how does Tucker Carlson feel about this situation?

During the 2023 FAMiLY Leadership Summit, Glenn Beck asked Carlson for his thoughts on the matter. In typical Carlson fashion, he did not hold back. He described the treatment of these employees as “disgusting” and “inhumane”, and he certainly is not wrong. Loyalty should be a two-way street, and when companies treat their employees in such a reprehensible manner, they deserve to be called out.

What is perhaps even more concerning to Carlson is the role of Human Resources in modern-day corporate America. He recalls a time when HR was called Personnel, and their role in the company was minimal at best. Today, however, HR has been given immense power and control, stripping employees of their humanity and turning them into mere “widgets”. Carlson argues that HR has become nothing more than an instrument of cruelty and force, using coercion to get what they want with no regard for the well-being of the employees they are supposed to protect.

And if this is happening at America’s top conservative news network, just imagine what is going on in other businesses across the country. The very fabric of our society is at risk when our most fundamental institutions, like the workplace, become soulless and cruel. Carlson is right to sound the alarm on this issue, and as conservatives, we should be united in our condemnation of this kind of treatment.

Ultimately, the treatment of these Fox News employees is just a symptom of a larger problem. Corporate America has become corrupted by HR departments who view employees as nothing more than a means to an end. It’s time to take a stand and demand change. We must call out those who seek to destroy the dignity of work and fight for a workplace that values loyalty, humanity, and compassion.

Next News Network Team

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