Caught on Camera: Homeless Man Attacks City Councilman

Caught on Camera: Santa Monica Councilman's Assault Highlights Escalating Homelessness and Crime Crisis
Caught on Camera: Santa Monica Councilman's Assault Highlights Escalating Homelessness and Crime Crisis
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The once-beautiful city of Santa Monica has been besieged by a rising tide of lawlessness and chaos as the state of California continues to suffer from the disastrous policies of its Democratic leaders. On Sunday, a city councilman was viciously assaulted by a homeless man, marking just the latest episode in a shocking surge of violent crime that has consumed the area.

The attacker, Sawyer Walden Allee, had already been arrested and released on two previous occasions, making a mockery of the legal system and endangering the community. In an unprovoked attack, he hurled an unidentified liquid at the councilman, Phil Brock, and his girlfriend, after stealing Brock’s hat and unleashing a torrent of obscenities.

This disturbing incident is just one symptom of the larger problem afflicting Santa Monica and other cities across California. The state is in the grip of a homelessness crisis that has created a breeding ground for crime and disorder. Rather than taking a tough stance on criminal activity, Democratic politicians have chosen to focus on so-called “social justice” issues, allowing lawbreakers to run rampant and putting the safety of ordinary citizens at risk.

Even as crime skyrockets, Democratic leaders continue to push misguided policies that only exacerbate the problem. In Los Angeles County, which includes Santa Monica, officials recently reinstated a zero-bail policy for nonviolent felonies, meaning criminals are free to roam the streets without consequence. It’s no wonder that rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has declared L.A. to be “finished.”

Meanwhile, San Francisco is suffering from a homicide rate that has spiked by nearly 40 percent from 2020 to 2022, while deaths from fentanyl overdoses have soared. The city has suffered a mass exodus of more than 50,000 residents, as people flee for their safety and sanity in the face of unrelenting crime and filth.

It’s time for Californians to rise up and demand real solutions to these dire problems. We need leaders who are willing to take a hard line on crime, invest in law enforcement, and crack down on the dangerous policies that have created this dangerous situation. We cannot let our beautiful cities be overrun by violence and lawlessness. The time for action is now!

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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