John Kirby DESPERATELY Defends Biden’s Mumbled Comments with Israeli President

John Kirby Champions Biden’s Muted Comments Amid Israeli Talks on Fox News
John Kirby Champions Biden’s Muted Comments Amid Israeli Talks on Fox News
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President Joe Biden is at it again with his inaudible mumbling and stumbling. During a recent meeting with Israeli President Isaac Herzog, Biden couldn’t seem to get his words out. Fox News’ Martha MacCallum aired the clip, and it’s clear that Biden was struggling to communicate. His slurred words and awkward mumbling left Herzog confused.

Despite Biden’s obvious trouble communicating, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby defended the President on Fox News. Kirby tried to reassure the public that Biden’s commitment to Israel’s security is ironclad. But, the reality is that Biden’s inability to communicate effectively could have serious consequences for our foreign policy and national security.

It’s not just this one instance either. We’ve seen time and time again Biden struggling to get his words out. Just recently, he announced a vaccine mandate for federal workers and contractors, but his message was unclear and left many vaccinated people wondering what the mandate meant for them. Biden’s inability to communicate effectively is a serious concern for the American people.

But, it’s not just his words that are concerning. Biden’s policies, particularly his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, have left our national security in shambles. His weak leadership is putting America at risk. And, as we continue to face threats from adversaries like China and Russia, we need a President who can effectively communicate and lead our country.

It’s time for the American people to demand better from their leader. We deserve a President who can communicate effectively and keep our country safe. Biden’s inability to do either is a threat to our national security and puts American lives at risk. So, let’s demand better and hold our leaders accountable.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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