Bone Chilling CBP Data Released – This is Truly Terrifying

Monumental 1000% Rise in Illegal Border Crossings Stirs US Security Concerns!
Monumental 1000% Rise in Illegal Border Crossings Stirs US Security Concerns!
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Illegal immigration has become a serious threat to national security in the United States, with a spike in illegal aliens on the terror watch list attempting to cross the southern border into the country. It has been reported that 143 illegal aliens on the terror watch list were encountered by the Border Patrol in fiscal year 2023, marking a significant increase from the 98 encounters of fiscal year 2022. This alarming trend indicates that we need to tighten our borders to keep our country safe from threats like terrorism.

The Biden administration has encouraged illegal immigration, which has resulted in an estimated 1.5 million gotaways since Biden took office in 2021. This figure is staggering, especially when compared to the total 415,000 estimated gotaways under the Trump administration in 2018, 2019, and 2020. The Biden administration’s lax border policy has attracted illegal immigrants from different foreign countries such as China, Afghanistan, Algeria, Vietnam, Ethiopia, and others to enter the United States illegally.

While the Biden administration ignores this crisis and fails to enforce immigration laws, American citizens living on the Texas-Mexico border are left to bear the burden of illegal immigration. These Texans have reported that illegal immigrants have crossed their properties at alarming rates since the Biden administration, with some even surrounding the homes of ranchers or trying to lure young girls out of their home late at night. This situation is incredibly dangerous and puts American citizens at risk.

Illegal immigration is a massive financial drain on the American taxpayer and costs approximately $151 billion every year. This significant strain is felt most acutely in the healthcare system, and states like Texas, Florida, and Arizona are struggling to cope. Major cities are overwhelmed with the immigration crisis, with Chicago approving a $51 million initiative to provide housing for foreign nationals and New York City using places of worship for housing.

It is essential to understand that allowing illegal immigration into our country has grave consequences. The Biden administration’s failure to enforce immigration laws is a grave threat to national security. Its weak border policy has resulted in a significant increase in illegal immigration, including individuals on the terror watch list, and the consequences of this crisis are vast. Americans deserve better; it’s time for the Biden administration to take responsibility and protect the citizens of this great nation.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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