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As every second ticks away, the world we knew shifts dramatically. Amid this constant change, where do you turn for truth? What if you could have a front row seat to the real conservative narrative, unfiltered? Welcome to Next News Network’s LIVE stream, “NewsBeat Interactive: 60 Minutes with Franchi”. It’s not just about hearing, but becoming an integral part of the conversation. Be prepared for bold insights, a no-spin zone, with a conservative perspective, all in real-time! Intrigued? Join us – cut through the noise and let your voice be heard!



Every day, we wake up to a world bombarded by media narratives that bend the truth, twist the facts, and leave a portion of our population out in the cold—the conservatives. “NewsBeat Interactive: 60 Minutes with Franchi” is changing that. Each episode is a dive into the most pressing issues of our time, with a perspective that doesn’t shy away from the truth.

In a recent episode, we challenged the mainstream media’s rosy image of President Biden’s leadership with a thorough discussion on his perceived lack of enthusiasm. Sparked by a tweet supporting the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team that some critics interpret as emblematic of Biden’s lackluster Oval Office energy, we broke down the implications on his presidency.

The show also features innovations like Veebs, an app endorsed by influential conservative Bri Teresi, that gives consumers a platform to make value-based shopping decisions, well-aligned with their beliefs. The timely climb of ‘woke capitalism’ meets its counter in this powerful tool.

Our broadcasts journey beyond politics into the world at large. We featured a fiery celestial display from Southern United States, deepening public comprehension of these amazing natural spectacles while acknowledging the universe’s capacity to both amaze and terrify.

And, “NewsBeat” doesn’t shy away from the controversial. The speculation surrounding Trump’s potential imprisonment following his unprecedented comments about possible social unrest stirred the conversation pot. This entanglement of politics and the legal system presents a complex narrative that demands the kind of insightful analysis we provide.

Early polls for the 2024 election reveal Trump as the GOP primary’s forerunner. Yet, even as Trump dominates, Nikki Haley’s climb challenged the long-standing second-position of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, indicating a reshaping of the GOP field. Equally intriguing are questions about Biden’s mental fitness that have instigated a sense of uncertainty in the Democratic field.

You deserve more than the watered-down coverage mainstream media provides. With “NewsBeat Interactive: 60 Minutes with Franchi”, we break through the echo chamber, providing a platform for conservative perspectives, a voice for those sidelined by the bias. Unwavering, unapologetic, unfiltered—this is real news for real conservatives. The conservative narrative is out there, waiting to be heard, understood, and acknowledged. Can you handle the truth? It’s time to elevate the discourse with us. The stage is set, the players are in position, and all we need is you, bringing your perspective to the real dialogue that matters.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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