Championing Disabled Veterans: ‘Send Them Treat Them Act’ Promises Game-Changing VA Reform!

Championing Disabled Veterans: 'Send Them Treat Them Act' Promises Game-Changing VA Reform!
Championing Disabled Veterans: 'Send Them Treat Them Act' Promises Game-Changing VA Reform!
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Republican Rep. Anna Paulina Luna has introduced legislation that will offer improved protection for disabled veterans and provide greater transparency within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The bill, named the “Send Them Treat Them Act”, has been obtained by The Daily Caller and contains a set of provisions aimed towards enhancing the treatment of injured veterans. It includes a requirement for the VA to augment its Disability Claim Form, specifically for the inclusion of information relating to the value of public Disability Benefits Questionnaires (DBQ). If the bill is approved, veterans will be able to submit the DBQ form, filled out by any physician of their choosing, as part of their supporting medical evidence, with the necessary details provided on how to access the form both online and offline.

Further to this, the legislation demands the VA to update its website with a more transparent approach regarding the filing of disability claims by including accessible information about the forms and how to complete them. Co-sponsor Alabama Republican Rep. Barry Moore is also in support of the bill, which has already received an endorsement from the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

“As a veteran, I am bewildered by the absence of transparency coming from the VA when veterans try filing disability claims. This has always been a serious concern of mine, and now with the introduction of my bill, veterans who have courageously served our country will receive the care they deserve. This legislation will ensure that wounded veterans will have access to the highest quality of care without compromise,” said Luna in a statement to The Daily Caller.

With the widespread support and endorsement of the VFW, it is evident that this legislation has the backing of fellow veterans who seek to receive the treatment that they rightly deserve for their sacrifices in the line of duty. The VFW expressed appreciation towards Rep. Luna for bringing forth this vital piece of legislation and supporting the cause of veterans trying to navigate the complicated and often convoluted process of claiming disability compensation. No veteran should be denied access to high-quality medical treatment and care, and this new legislation will work towards ensuring that they receive just that.

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