Democrat Representative Greg Casar’s Ridiculous ‘Thirst Strike’ Flops

Daring Thirst Strike: Rep. Casar's Stark Cry for Federal Heat Protection
Daring Thirst Strike: Rep. Casar's Stark Cry for Federal Heat Protection
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Democratic Representative Greg Casar of Texas recently conducted a ridiculous “thirst strike” on the steps of the Capitol building to push President Joe Biden to establish a federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standard that includes heat protection and water breaks.

Casar grandiosely declared, “Today I’m on a thirst strike on the steps of the U.S. Capitol—not drinking water or taking breaks, through rain or shine, in solidarity with our nation’s workers. Currently, there are NO federal protections for workers exposed to heat.”

At last, after more than 8 hours, he broke his ridiculous strike. We must ask: Is this the kind of person we want representing us in Congress? Someone who throws temper tantrums on the steps of the Capitol building and fails to recognize that workers are already sufficiently protected from heat? The government surely does not need to micromanage every aspect of people’s lives, including when they should and shouldn’t drink water.

Some Twitter users mocked Casar for his feeble attempt, including Insider Politics Reporter Bryan Metzger, who commented: “Just noticed this has been ratio’d by conservatives…. He was outside in the (humid!) heat the entire time, protesting Texas Gov. Abbott overruling local ordinances mandating heat breaks and pressing for a federal standard.”

The disdain for Casar’s behavior is understandable. For a measly 8 hours, he orchestrated a weak and ineffective hunger strike. What would he have accomplished had his strike gone on longer? The fact is, this kind of virtue-signaling accomplishes nothing of substance and wastes taxpayer resources.

One Twitter user aptly noted, “Sometimes I do this just because I get busy and forget to eat. But okie.” Indeed, it seems like Casar was merely showcasing his own self-righteousness and egotism rather than making a substantive difference in the lives of workers.

It is time for Congress to put an end to such stunts and focus on real legislation that can help everyday Americans. Casar’s self-serving and grandstanding behavior on the steps of the Capitol building should be a clear example of what not to do in Congress. It is time for representatives to stop the theatrics and start working on meaningful change.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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