Illegal Immigration Skyrockets Contradicting Biden’s Assurance of Successful Legal Entry Policies

Illegal Immigration Skyrockets Contradicting Biden's Assurance of Successful Legal Entry Policies
Illegal Immigration Skyrockets Contradicting Biden's Assurance of Successful Legal Entry Policies
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The southern border crisis, fueled by President Joe Biden’s reckless immigration policies, is escalating out of control, with illegal immigration surging in July. The Washington Post has reported that Border Patrol agents made a shocking 130,000 arrests at the U.S.-Mexico border in July, in addition to roughly 50,000 migrants who entered the country using the CBP One phone application to enter via ports of entry. These figures represent a significant escalation from June when illegal border crossings were still out of control, with roughly 99,000 illegal migrant encounters reported.

Biden’s flimsy excuse to justify this surge is that his administration has been implementing new programs for legal entry. The bumbling Biden administration even attributed the decrease of illegal migrants in June to the expansion of its legal entry programs such as the infamous CBP One app. However, these ineffective policies have only encouraged more illegal immigration, and the administration’s efforts have done nothing to stem the tide of lawlessness and chaos at the southern border.

Biden’s shameful policies and lack of leadership have emboldened migrants from multiple countries, including Mexico, Central America, and Africa, to cross over into the US territory, overwhelming federal resources. The Arizona state has been among the most affected by this devastating crisis, with the overwhelming number of immigrants crossing over into the state daily. The Biden administration’s apparent lack of interest in the border crisis shows they don’t care about the safety and security of American citizens or even following basic international law.

In Texas’s Rio Grande Valley and Del Rio sectors, tens of thousands of illegal immigrants have brazenly crossed into US territory. This grim reality pushed the Republican Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, to install wire and floating buoy barriers to try to contain the surge of illegal immigration. Governor Abbott has been vocal in his criticism of Biden’s lack of interest and concern for national border security.

Despite the overwhelming evidence and the crisis’s severity, Mayorkas, the Biden administration DHS Secretary, has not acknowledged the scope of the problem. Instead, he has been pandering towards the migrants and sleazily relying on disinformation to try to cover up the extent of the crisis. This flagrant irresponsibility is putting the lives and safety of American people at risk.

The need for a change of leadership at the southern border is now more urgent than ever, and we need responsible and effective policies to contain the crisis. The Biden-Harris administration’s refusal to take action against these illegal crossings is a gross violation of US laws, security, and sovereignty. The time for excuses and political correctness is over; it’s time to enforce the law and protect America’s border from the perils of illegal immigration.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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