New Light on Rep. Cori Bush’s Homeless Story: A Landlord’s Son Breaks the Silence!

New Light on Rep. Cori Bush's Story: A Landlord's Son Breaks the Silence!
New Light on Rep. Cori Bush's Story: A Landlord's Son Breaks the Silence!
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Missouri Democratic Rep. Cori Bush has once again been caught in a web of lies, this time about her claims of homelessness. Bush claimed that she was once “unhoused” and had to live in her car with her two children. But it seems that her claims were blown out of the water by one man’s tweet.

Jimmy Swanson, the son of one of her alleged former landlords, replied to Bush’s tweet and claimed that she had actually rented a property from his father in Hazelwood MO, but had stopped paying rent for almost two years. The only reason that Bush was able to continue living in the property was because of charitable support from a conservative Christian army service man who helped her out for quite some time.

But Swanson didn’t stop there. He followed up his initial tweet to correct himself, stating that it was actually only for a year that Bush had rented the property. Swanson’s father was apparently able to find both the contract for the property and the notice to vacate, which proves that Bush didn’t have the right to live there rent-free.

According to Swanson, it was a terrible experience and the other side of the eviction narrative is never told. His father, U.S. Army MAJ (RET) James Swanson Sr., waited until school was out, five months after the notice to vacate, and they agreed but Bush only paid for 3-4 total months of that year. Swanson then shared a letter allegedly written by his father, along with a lengthy caption on the situation.

It’s clear that Bush is not telling the truth about her past experiences and is using a false narrative to garner sympathy and support from her followers. How can we trust someone who is willing to lie about their past in order to push their own political agenda?

It’s time for Cori Bush to take responsibility for her own actions and stop using fabricated stories to further her career. We need leaders who are honest and transparent, not those who are willing to deceive others in order to gain power. Cori Bush needs to be held accountable for her lies, and the truth needs to come out once and for all.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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