Ramaswamy Defies WEF with Lawsuit

Ramaswamy Defies WEF: Epic Battle of Individual vs Global Power Begins!
Ramaswamy Defies WEF: Epic Battle of Individual vs Global Power Begins!
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The sinister World Economic Forum (WEF) has once again tried to silence one of the greatest patriots and defenders of American values, Vivek Ramaswamy. The so-called “global leaders” organization had listed Ramaswamy as a Young Global Leader in 2021, but he had the courage to reject this unjust designation and filed a lawsuit to have his name removed. And now, Ramaswamy has emerged victorious against the tyrannical WEF, as the organization was forced to apologize and remove his name from the list.

Ramaswamy has been a fierce opponent of the WEF’s left-wing agenda, which seeks to use Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria in investing. This insidious practice has been championed by firms like BlackRock, which Ramaswamy and his allies at Strive Asset Management have vowed to counter.

But even as Ramaswamy has won this battle against the WEF, we must remain vigilant against its relentless attacks on our way of life. The WEF is an organization that seeks to undermine our democracy and impose its radical socialist agenda on Americans. Ramaswamy and many other GOP figures have been a leading voice in exposing its sinister plans and defending our freedoms, and his victory today is a triumph for all of us who refuse to be cowed by the globalist elites.

Ramaswamy has pledged to direct his financial damages from this lawsuit to the America First Policy Institute, a group that stands for American interests and refuses to bow down to the WEF’s agenda.

Make no mistake, the WEF will not give up its efforts to destroy America and impose its radical socialist vision on us. But thanks to leaders like Ramaswamy and other GOP greats, we can take the fight to them and defend our way of life. The Great Uprising has begun, and we will not rest until we have defeated the Great Reset, just as our forefathers did in 1776.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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