Lockdown’s Dire Impact: 50% of UK Kids Showing Troubling Emotional Struggles, Says Study

Lockdown's Dire Impact: 50% of UK Kids Showing Troubling Emotional Struggles, Says Study
Lockdown's Dire Impact: 50% of UK Kids Showing Troubling Emotional Struggles, Says Study
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The devastating effects of the pandemic lockdowns on the development of children have been revealed, with a staggering 50% of parents in the UK reporting a worrying decline in the emotional and social skills of their kids. Shocking new data from the Institute of Fiscal Studies has found that the effects were particularly evident for children aged between four and seven, who were significantly more likely to be affected by the lockdown restrictions (52%) than those aged between 12 and 15 (42%).

The study also discovered that the children of parents who were furloughed – a tactic utilized by the government to reduce the spread of Covid-19 – were significantly more likely to struggle with socio-emotional skills than those whose parents continued to work (51% versus 45%).

During the pandemic, children have been subjected to a whole host of negative changes, including school closures, lack of contact with friends and family, and potentially catastrophic illness or death amongst loved ones. These factors have had a multi-generational impact on our children, with their social and emotional skills deteriorating considerably.

Parents reported that their children had become “easily scared”, were “constantly fidgeting or squirming”, and lacked their general obedience which is massively concerning and points to long-term issues. These kids have become collateral damage in a lockdown strategy that failed on every level to protect them.

Andrew McKendrick, an IFS research economist and author of the study, stated that, unfortunately, children’s declining skills have been significantly driven by the economic disruptions experienced by their parents, no matter how large the loss of income was. Such findings are worrying and merit a national response to support the least resilient families and prevent future disasters.

Children’s Commissioner Rachel de Souza expressed deep concern and worry about these findings, stating that the “disruption the pandemic has caused to children’s development has been long-lasting.” Indeed, many of our children’s development has been irrevocably damaged by the pandemic restrictions. The Government must act now to support all the services which support our children and ensure this never happens again. We need immediate action; their future is hanging in the balance.

Arabella Skinner, from the parents’ campaign group UsForThem, has also expressed grave concerns, stating that these children have become “collateral damage” of the lockdowns and blaming the government and public health officials who ignored warnings. Our children must never pay the price again due to political recklessness. It is time for the government to act responsibly, avoid further restrictions, and invest in support for vulnerable families. This latest investigation adds to the mounting evidence of the catastrophic societal impacts of enforced restrictions. We demand immediate action to prevent further damage to our children’s lives.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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