As Relentless Crime Wave Rocks Chicago, Police Overwhelmed with Guidelines

Windy City Whirlwind: A Relentless Crime Wave Rocks Chicago & its Implications
Windy City Whirlwind: A Relentless Crime Wave Rocks Chicago & its Implications
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The Windy City is in chaos, and it’s all thanks to the reckless policies enforced by the leftist political leaders in charge. Chicago has become a hub of crime and lawlessness, with criminals emboldened by the soft-on-crime stance of law enforcement.

It’s a sad day when police officers are forced into a defensive crouch, hamstrung by guidelines that prohibit them from chasing after criminals with impunity. Criminals are free to commit heinous acts like armed robberies, knowing full well that the police will not pursue them, as a matter of routine.

Each night, harrowing stories play out across the city, with armed robbers jumping out of stolen cars to terrorize innocent citizens. Once again, Chicago Police Department (CPD) officers have spotted the robbers’ vehicle, but their hands are tied by the cowardly CPD supervisors, too afraid of the consequences of pursuing the criminals.

This is not an isolated incident. A website that tracks Windy City crime on a daily basis reports on the rampant spiking of armed robberies in various neighborhoods, an alarming trend that is a direct result of the new vehicle pursuit policy put into practice in August 2020.

The CPD pursuit policy is a mind-boggling 11-page block of instructions that officers must consider before engaging in a chase. This policy explicitly prohibits officers from pursuing anyone for a traffic offense other than driving under the influence and states that the CPD will not discipline any member for ending a motor vehicle pursuit. The Chicago city council has paid tens of millions of dollars for lives lost and injuries caused by pursuits that ended with crashes.

The CPD supervisors’ timidity is borne out of fear of something going wrong, leading to unimaginable consequences for the department and its officers. Supervisors have ordered cops to stop pursuing even cars suspected of carrying wanted murderers, sending a clear signal to the violent criminal underworld: you’re free to prey as you please.

This deadly, crime-encouraging lunacy is the toxic fruit of leftist, liberal policies. And it all comes back to the elected officials in charge, such as Mayor Johnson, whose ineptitude and misguided leadership are the root cause of the city’s rampant crime problem.

It’s time for a change, and it’s time to put an end to the madness. No longer can we allow criminals to rule the streets and terrorize our communities. The time has come to stand up, speak out and demand that our elected leaders take action and restore safety and law and order to our great city.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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