Chris Christie’s ‘White Lizzo’ Stardom Overshadows Surprise Ukraine Visit – An Internet Sensation

Chris Christie's 'White Lizzo' Stardom Overshadows Surprise Ukraine Visit - An Internet Sensation
Chris Christie's 'White Lizzo' Stardom Overshadows Surprise Ukraine Visit - An Internet Sensation
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Chris Christie, the former Republican governor of New Jersey, has been dubbed “White Lizzo” after his recent visit to Ukraine, where he met with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Christie’s visit has caused outrage among conservatives, who believe him to be a traitor to the Republican cause.

During his visit, Christie attended a flower-laying ceremony for Ukrainian soldiers killed by Russian forces and pledged his support for increased US military aid to Ukraine. This has stirred up conservatives who believe that sending aid to Ukraine weakens America’s position in the world and that Christie’s actions are a betrayal of conservative values.

Conservatives argue that sending aid to Ukraine is akin to throwing money into a black hole, as the country is mired in corruption and unable to defend itself against Russian aggression. They point to the fact that Ukraine has already received $75 billion in aid from the US since the conflict with Russia began, with little to show for it.

Moreover, Christie’s visit to Ukraine has raised suspicions about his loyalty to the Republican party. Conservatives have accused him of pandering to Democrats by supporting aid to Ukraine and cozying up to foreign leaders who are hostile to the US, such as Zelenskyy. They argue that Christie’s actions are part of a larger pattern of Republican politicians betraying the conservative base in favor of cozying up to globalists and elites.

The nickname “White Lizzo” has caught on among conservatives as a symbol of Christie’s supposed weakness and lack of conservative values. They argue that the image of Christie holding flowers at the ceremony is an emblem of his submission to foreign leaders and his lack of backbone.

Despite his protestations of support for the US and conservative values, conservatives remain unconvinced of Christie’s loyalty. They argue that his actions in Ukraine were a betrayal of the Republican base and a sign of his true allegiance to the globalist elite. As the 2024 presidential campaign heats up, many conservatives have vowed to oppose Christie’s candidacy at all costs, citing his weakness and lack of conviction as reasons to reject him.

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