Armed and Armored: Photo Evidence of Cartel Incursions Alarming Texas Borders!

Armed and Armored: Photo Evidence of Cartel Incursions Alarming Texas Borders!
Armed and Armored: Photo Evidence of Cartel Incursions Alarming Texas Borders!
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Cartel gunmen with body armor and firearms are crossing the U.S. southern border in Texas at an alarming rate, and the Biden administration seems unable or unwilling to do anything about it. Fox News has obtained photos of three suspected cartel affiliates who were captured on camera in the Fronton region on Saturday evening, appearing to be armed and armored as they navigated through the terrain. Border Patrol and their elite BORTAC tactical team were dispatched to the scene but encountered no one, leaving the border vulnerable to these dangerous criminals.

This is not an isolated incident in Fronton, TX, which is widely recognized as a significant hotspot for cartel activity and drug trafficking. Law enforcement sources report that encounters with armed individuals are a common occurrence in this region. In June, authorities detained five individuals thought to be part of the Northeast Cartel at the same location. Yet the Biden administration continues to turn a blind eye to this clear and present danger to American citizens and national security.

While most migrants coming across the border are not criminals, the Biden administration’s lax policies have allowed dangerous criminals to enter the country and put innocent lives at risk. Border Patrol recently apprehended four sex offenders, some with convictions of crimes against children, attempting to enter the U.S. within a single day. The record-high migrant encounters since 2021 have only worsened the situation, with initial numbers in July already up by 30%.

Despite the mounting evidence of violence and criminal activity at the border, the Biden administration has taken no significant action to address the issue. Instead, they have expanded lawful pathways for migrants to enter the country, further incentivizing illegal immigration and putting more strain on law enforcement and border patrol. Their anti-smuggling campaign last year may have led to thousands of arrests, but it has done little to stem the tide of crime and violence at the border.

In the face of this growing threat, the Biden administration’s lack of action is unconscionable. While they claim to be reducing reliance on smugglers and increasing agency volunteer numbers, these half-hearted measures are no match for the well-equipped and well-funded cartels that are terrorizing our border communities. Until the Biden administration takes decisive action to secure our borders and protect American citizens, we will continue to see a flood of dangerous criminals entering our country with impunity.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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