Bernie Sanders Funneled $200K Campaign Funds to Family’s Nonprofit; FEC Records Reveal

Sanders Funneled $200K Campaign Funds to Family's Nonprofit; FEC Records Reveal Questionable Activities
Sanders Funneled $200K Campaign Funds to Family's Nonprofit; FEC Records Reveal Questionable Activities
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In yet another scandalous move from the morally corrupt Bernie Sanders camp, the candidate has been caught funnelling $200,000 of his campaign funds to his wife’s floundering nonprofit, the Sanders Institute. Founded in 2017 by Jane O’Meara Sanders and the senator’s stepson David Driscoll, the institute bills itself as a “progressive” think tank, but has spent the majority of its time doing very little and lining the pockets of its founders and high-ranking officials.

Tax documents reveal that in 2021, the Sanders Institute raised $716,618, but that a monstrous $257,000 was spent on wages, including a whopping $152,653 for Driscoll, who serves as the executive director and has no political experience to speak of. The nonprofit itself has been fraught with issues, with the organization suspending operations in 2019 amid fears of “impropriety” as Bernie made a run for the presidency. It has since resumed, but with a clear lack of direction or purpose.

Despite promises to “back other progressive entities,” the Sanders Institute hasn’t donated any money to like-minded groups, and has instead focused on internal projects like The Timeline Project, which claims to focus on Bernie’s four-decade-long career. However, the project has been criticized as unoriginal, with much of its content being borrowed from external sources.

Perhaps the most shocking revelation is the source of the institute’s funding, with records showing that in April 2021, Bernie’s 2020 campaign contributed $350,000 to the organization, while a nonprofit called Wend II Inc donated $250,000. Wend II claimed to be enhancing “content capacity,” but taxpayers will be rightly concerned about where their hard-earned money is going.

While the Sanders Institute claims to be a “progressive” institution, its practices paint a much darker picture. With a clear focus on internal projects and lining the pockets of Sanders’ inner circle, this so-called “think tank” is doing little for the progressive agenda beyond enriching its carefully-selected few. Voters must pay attention to these concerning facts and ask themselves whether Bernie Sanders is truly the right person to lead the country in a positive direction.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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