LOOK: Reporter Jumps Barrier to Confront Biden on Devon Archer’s Testimony

Archer's Testimony Shakes Nation: Biden on Speakerphone or Just Hot Air?
Archer's Testimony Shakes Nation: Biden on Speakerphone or Just Hot Air?
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The scandal surrounding Joe Biden and his family’s shady business dealings just took a turn for the worse. Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy grilled the President about the recent testimony of Devin Archer, who revealed that Biden was heavily involved in his son Hunter’s business deals.

Archer stated that Biden was frequently present during business discussions, often via speakerphone. This contradicts Biden’s previous statements that he had no involvement in his son’s dealings.

But Biden, displaying his trademark arrogance, scoffed at Doocy’s question, calling it a “lousy question.” He then denied ever talking business, even though Archer’s testimony clearly suggests otherwise.

It’s clear that Biden is up to his neck in this corruption scandal. Archer’s business connections with the Biden family and their mutual involvement in Ukrainian business ventures have been subjects of political scrutiny and investigation for years.

And now we know that Biden himself was part of roughly 20 calls over a decade, which Archer describes as an “abuse of soft power.” He even has a letter from Biden expressing gratitude and excitement about their business approach.

This is a pattern of corruption that cannot be ignored. Biden’s involvement in his son’s business deals is a clear abuse of power and a violation of the trust Americans have placed in their elected officials.

It’s time for the media to stop sweeping this under the rug and start holding Biden accountable for his actions. This isn’t just about politics, this is about the integrity of our government and the values we hold dear as Americans.

We need a leader who will put the needs of the American people first, not their own personal gain. And it’s clear that Joe Biden is not that leader. The American people deserve better.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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