Cartels Caught Hiding Weapons at U.S.-Mexico Border

Second Armed Cartel Incursion This Month Raises Alarm on US Border Security and Biden's Policies
Second Armed Cartel Incursion This Month Raises Alarm on US Border Security and Biden's Policies
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The United States under the Biden administration is grappling with a palpable crisis that evidences no endpoint—open border policies that have led to public safety concerns and potential national security threats. A stark illustration of this alarming issue unfolded recently, when Border Patrol agents discovered Mexican cartel weapons concealed along the Texas riverbank of the Rio Grande. This incident, the second suspected armed cartel incursion in the South Texas border region for this month, reinforces the precarious state of our nation’s border security.

From the moment President Biden assumed office, his open border policies have precipitated chaos, thrusting the country into a cycle of crisis. The Rio Grande Valley Sector, a notable hotspot, bears witness to this havoc every day. Amid the unceasing efforts to contain the crisis, Chief Border Patrol agent Gloria Chavez confirmed the discovery of lethal weapons smuggled across the border from Mexico.

“Our U.S. Border Patrol Agents confront threats daily as they do their best to secure our border,” Chavez shared on Twitter, revealing the high-risk environment that agents navigate daily. She hailed the agents who had made the significant discovery of ammunition and firearms, concealed by criminal organizations near Fronton, TX.

The images surfacing from the discovery are chilling, exposing a submerged Kalashnikov-style rifle, multiple rifle magazines, an AR-15-style rifle, and ammunition carrier in the river. This blatant aggression has sent a wave of fear and uncertainty, raising serious national security challenges for the Biden administration.

Adding to this disquieting narrative, no arrests were made in correlation with the weapons confiscation, amplifying concerns about cartel activity across the border. This simmering threat boiled over last Friday when a Mexican cartel gunman, in the company of illegal migrants, reportedly brandished a rifle at the Texas National Guard huddled near the international railroad bridge in Eagle Pass, Texas.

The bold confrontation rattled Texas residents and highlighted the escalating brutality at the border. Still, the armed illegal migrant eluded capture, slipping away before authorities could apprehend him, as per a tweet by Fox News correspondent, Bill Melugin. Meanwhile, reports from June recount another chilling encounter when Department of Public Safety (DPS) Highway Patrol troopers detained five alleged Mexican cartel members in the very same vicinity and seized two AR-15-style rifles.

The trail of weapons tells a story that, coupled with increasing illegal migrant surges, paints an alarming picture. The Rio Grande Valley Sector has reported a 200 percent spike in illegal migrant encounters over the previous month; from 1,647 illegal aliens encountered over the July 8 weekend to a staggering 4,660 reported last week.

These escalating figures indicate that the Biden administration’s open border policies are lending momentum to an already unruly situation. The brazen advances of criminal organizations and cartels are not merely ordinary crime— they bear the hallmarks of an impending national security crisis.

As our brave Border Patrol Agents grapple with this burgeoning threat, the policy makers in Washington seem oblivious to the degree of havoc their chosen policies have induced. In the wake of such escalating tensions and palpable threats, the question becomes not if but when sufficient measures will be taken to regain control over our borders.

The current state of our nation’s border defense is a dire testament to the disastrous consequences of failed policies. From the daily threats faced by our diligent Border Patrol Agents to the fear pervading our southern border communities, this crisis deserves immediate attention. A potent cocktail of unchecked illegal border crossings, firearms smuggling, and cartel incursion paints a grim picture of the future if current policies remain unaltered.

Joe Biden’s open border policies are not just fueling a crisis; they are actively contributing to the erosion of America’s safety and security. It is time for the administration to prioritize American lives and national security over partisan politics. Our nation deserves policies that genuinely address border security, cut down criminal activities, and safeguard our communities from the perils of unchecked migration and escalating cartel violence. The time for action is now, for if not remedied soon, this crisis may have far-reaching, irreversible ramifications for the country.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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