Unplanned Flash Mob Cries Racism after Target Employee Does his Job

Unplanned Flash Mob Sparks Racism Controversy at Target: Unfounded Claim or Valid Concern?
Unplanned Flash Mob Sparks Racism Controversy at Target: Unfounded Claim or Valid Concern?
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In yet another example of liberal hysteria, a self-proclaimed performer has baselessly accused Target employees of racism after they called the police to remove her and her group of dancers from the store. The group had shown up unannounced to film themselves dancing in the store, despite clear rules and policies against such behavior.

The incident was captured on video and shared on popular social media platforms like YouTube and X (formerly known as Twitter). In the video, the entitled group can be seen brazenly flouting the rules of the store, with employees standing in front of their cameras, asking them to leave. Despite repeated requests to vacate the premises, the group refused and continued to dance, leading to the police being called.

In a shocking display of liberal victimhood, the group leader, who goes by the name Baby Storme, has accused Target employees of racism, saying that they called the police on them without any reason. She wrote in the description of the YouTube video: “I was so excited for us to film a quick flash mob at Target. But before we even walked through the door, this employee called the police on us for being on the property. At first he said we couldn’t film. But when we stopped filming, he still continued to kick us out, saying that we were a “safety violation,” and that the police were on their way. So, we made the most of what we could.”

However, these claims have been roundly criticized and debunked by social media commentators, who have accused the group of being entitled and disrespectful towards both Target employees and store policy. One YouTube user wrote: “Girl I like your music but as someone who also works in retail: if you’re showing up during the final minutes of closing time, we have to quickly get people out the store so we can get everything in order within those final minutes”.

A Twitter community note on the past also read, “Target has a clear policy prohibiting this kind of behavior. It’s not right to assume that a Target employee is racist because they are following the store’s policy.”

It is clear that this is yet another example of the entitled, liberal mindset that has been infecting American society in recent years. The group showed no respect for the rules of the store or the employees who were simply trying to do their jobs. By baselessly accusing these employees of racism, the group leader is simply trying to further her own agenda and gain publicity. It is time to stand up to this kind of behavior and show that we will not tolerate such entitled, disrespectful actions.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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