Fresh Doubts Unveiled in Alec Baldwin’s ‘Rust’ Shooting; New Analysis Contradicts Actor’s Account

Unraveling Baldwin's 'Rust' Shooting Tale: New Analysis Contradicts Actor's Claim
Unraveling Baldwin's 'Rust' Shooting Tale: New Analysis Contradicts Actor's Claim
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Actor Alec Baldwin may not be free from his legal woes surrounding the fatal shooting incident on the set of the film “Rust” at Bonanza Creek Ranch in Bonanza City, New Mexico. Despite being cleared of involuntary manslaughter charges in April this year, new expert analysis on the firearm used during the tragedy has raised questions. Baldwin had claimed that the revolver went off accidentally while rehearsing a scene. However, the new gun analysis conducted by experts in ballistics and forensic testing based in Arizona and New Mexico from parts of the pistol broken during earlier testing by the FBI reveals that the trigger had to have been pulled or depressed.

The analysis, led by Lucien Haag of Forensic Science Services, strongly contradicts Baldwin’s stated version of events, stating that “Although Alec Baldwin repeatedly denies pulling the trigger, given the tests, findings, and observations reported here, the trigger had to be pulled or depressed sufficiently to release the fully cocked or retracted hammer of the evidence revolver.” This new revelation could significantly impact the ongoing investigation, with the possibility of charges being refilled against Baldwin.

Notably, pulling back the hammer on a loaded revolver constitutes an incredibly dangerous move, with the trigger requiring only a slight pull to discharge the weapon. The firearm should have never been pointed at another person unless Baldwin intended to shoot them, regardless of his intentions.

The findings of the second analysis could also implicate weapons supervisor Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, who has already pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter and evidence tampering charges. Gutierrez-Reed has been accused of neglecting safety protocols on set, which ultimately led to the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

Defense attorneys for Baldwin have not commented on the recent gun analysis yet, while a formal announcement on whether to refile any charges against Baldwin is expected soon from Special Prosecutor Kari Morrissey. Prosecutors have a limited window of 60 days to renew the case against Baldwin, subject to a determination that the firearm did not malfunction as per earlier filings.

This new development in the case marks a significant setback in Baldwin’s legal battles, with his previous statements seemingly falling apart under expert scrutiny. As the investigation continues, many are looking to see whether charges may be refilled against Baldwin and how this latest development will shape the outcome of the case.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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