CBS News Slips Up: Tags Joe Biden as ‘Former’ President

CBS News Slips Up: Tags Joe Biden as 'Former' President Amidst Crisis at Camp David Summit
CBS News Slips Up: Tags Joe Biden as 'Former' President Amidst Crisis at Camp David Summit
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Social media erupted in a frenzy on Friday after CBS News accidentally referred to President Joe Biden as “former president” in a post on the popular platform, X. Although the post was quickly deleted and reposted with Biden’s proper title, critics pounced on the major media outlet for the shameful mistake. Many users, frustrated with Biden’s failures thus far in his presidency, joked that CBS News had unwittingly acknowledged the nation’s overall dissatisfaction with the current commander-in-chief.

CBS News’ official X account initially shared the errant post early last Friday evening, leading to a series of screen captures shared by TheBlaze, which showed the original caption to read: “WATCH LIVE: Former President Biden holds news conference at Camp David with leaders of Japan and South Korea.” The livestream contained important remarks by Biden spoken during his summit with South Korean and Japanese leaders, but CBS News ruined the event by creating an embarrassing error.

After deleting the post and sharing the revised version, CBS News tried to placate viewers by admitting their mistake. The outlet tweeted: “A previous tweet contained an error that had ‘former’ before President Biden. It has been corrected.” However, the damage had already been done.

Critics on X immediately seized the opportunity to mock CBS News for their egregious blunder. Conservative author Bonnie Fontes wryly remarked: “Wishful thinking.” The account “I Want My Country Back” cynically quipped: “Yeah sure. #FreudianSlip.” Meanwhile, Townhall columnist Brad Slager questioned, “Did you all mistakenly use a template that is intended to go into use later this year?”

Bill Clinton sexual assault accuser Juanita Broaddrick, who has never been too fond of Democrats, also took to X to express her concerns. She shared the original CBS post and commented, “CBS just referred to Joe as ‘Former President Biden.’ Do they know something we don’t?”

Given all the mounting evidence against Biden, it would hardly be surprising if CBS News slipped up on purpose during Friday’s livestream. With Biden’s plummeting approval ratings and his inability to handle the current border crisis effectively, it seems like many Americans might be willing to believe in any outcome that can deliver them from the current state of affairs

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