Chicago Alderwoman’s Laughable Idea: Limit Gang Activities to Night Hours to Curb Gun Violence!

Chicago Alderwoman's Big Idea: Limit Gang Activities to Night Hours to Curb Gun Violence
Chicago Alderwoman's Big Idea: Limit Gang Activities to Night Hours to Curb Gun Violence
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Chicago, once famously known as the “windy city” in the US has now earned the not so favorable title of having the highest number of homicides for a major city in the country, for 11 consecutive years. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that a Democrat politician in the city is promoting a ridiculous solution to address the insane homicide rate- ask gang members to restrict their shootings to the evening hours. What kind of madness is this?

Maria Hadden, a Chicago alderwoman, sent an email promoting this outrageous proposal from a group called Native Sons asking gang members to restrict their shooting to between 9 p.m. and 9 a.m. How can anyone expect these criminals to abide by this insane suggestion, especially with the number of illegal guns that are circulating on the streets? This may sound like a joke, but unfortunately, it’s a reality in a city where criminals have more rights and freedom than law-abiding citizens.

The founder of Native Sons, Tatiana Atkins, suggests that this is a strategic approach to tackle the gun violence in the city, but in reality, it’s nothing but an absurd and dangerous proposition. By allowing these gangs to only shoot between certain hours, it’s basically giving them the green light to continue living a lifestyle of crime as usual, but on a schedule. Isn’t this a cause for concern that criminals have no fear of the law and are allowed to do as they please?

Atkins goes on to suggest that the problem of gun violence in Chicago did not happen overnight, and therefore, it won’t be solved overnight. If this is the kind of ‘strategy’ that Native Sons has to bring to the table, then we are better off with no strategy at all. This group claims they want to end gang violence, but how can one end gang violence by asking gangs to not shoot past certain hours instead of bringing them to justice?

It’s appalling to hear that these gang members, who are responsible for heinous crimes, have more empathy towards this ridiculous ordinance than Democratic politicians. Rather than enforcing the law, Democratic politicians seem to be taking a ‘jokey’ approach towards gun violence by suggesting ridiculous policies. It’s clear that something needs to change to put an end to the ongoing violence on the streets, but trusting murderers to change their deadly ways seems like a fairy tale.

Chicago is in dire need of a solution to stop the countless lives that are lost daily, from innocent children to elderly citizens, killed by ruthless criminals. The extravagant promises made by Democrats have failed miserably, and Native Sons’ proposal is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s time for lawmakers to be proactive in their approach, catch these criminals, and put an end to gun violence once and for all. It’s high time that we stop prioritizing the rights of the criminals and start thinking about the innocent victims who are losing their lives every day due to their criminal activities.

Next News Network Team

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