Dystopian Future: US Cities Plan Meat, Dairy Ban and Private Car Prohibition by 2030

Dystopian Future: US Cities Plan Meat, Dairy Ban and Private Car Prohibition by 2030
Dystopian Future: US Cities Plan Meat, Dairy Ban and Private Car Prohibition by 2030
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In an outrageous affront to personal freedoms and American values, a group of 14 leftist-run cities are aiming to ban meat, dairy, and private vehicles in just seven short years. This radical agenda is part of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, a globalist organization founded and funded by Democrat billionaire Michael Bloomberg. Their dystopian and dystopic goals are laid out in their “The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5°C World” report, published in 2019 and reemphasized in 2023.

The C40’s agenda is nothing less than a totalitarian, draconian scheme to control every aspect of people’s lives. They don’t just want to tell you what to eat, they want to control what you wear, how often you travel, and even the size of your body. According to their report, they aim for “0 kg [of] meat consumption,” “0 kg [of] dairy consumption,” “3 new clothing items per person per year,” “0 private vehicles,” and “1 short-haul return flight (less than 1500 km) every 3 years per person.”

Make no mistake, this is not about saving the planet, this is about controlling people. Climate activists are even advocating for “climate lockdowns,” which could include forcing people to stay in their homes and restricting air travel. To add insult to injury, they want to impose a “maximum income level,” which would limit people’s ability to buy the things they need and enjoy. It’s as if they want to turn America into a socialist, third-world country.

But this isn’t just a threat to our freedom; it’s also a threat to our health. Eating meat and dairy is essential for a balanced and healthy diet. Humans have been eating meat since the dawn of time, and our brains wouldn’t have the capacity to think and reason without the protein and nutrients that come from animal products. And let’s not forget the pleasure and taste of a juicy steak or a slice of cheese. The C40 wants to take away our enjoyment, our traditional diet, and our way of life.

It’s time to push back against these radical elites who want to impose their will on the rest of us. It’s time to stand up for America, our personal freedoms, and our right to eat what we want. We must never forget that we are a free people, and we must fight those who would take our freedoms away. The C40’s agenda is not just un-American; it’s inhumane. It’s time to say no to the nanny state and yes to personal responsibility. We must defend our rights, our values, and our way of life against those who would take it all away.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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