LA’s Sanctuary City Gets Another Bus Load of Migrants

LA's Sanctuary City in Crisis: Migrant-Busing Blame Game Intensifies Amidst Escalating Tensions.
LA's Sanctuary City in Crisis: Migrant-Busing Blame Game Intensifies Amidst Escalating Tensions.
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In the calamitous wake of President Joe Biden’s border debacle, the chickens are coming home to roost for one Democrat-run metropolis: Los Angeles. This past weekend, Texas Governor Greg Abbott sent a tenth busload of illegal aliens into LA, just days after its ultra-liberal Mayor Karen Bass had the audacity to berate Texas for dealing with the problem Biden created and refuses to solve.

Bass got a bitter taste of reality when a bus filled with 39 illegal migrants—12 families and 21 children—rolled up in her city. This comes on the heels of nine similar busloads sent to LA, one of which was dispatched during Tropical Storm Hillary. The mayor’s shock is nothing short of hypocritical; after all, she declared Los Angeles a “sanctuary city” as recently as June.

Compounding her hypocrisy, Bass slammed Abbott’s actions as “evil” and accused him of endangering lives during a rainstorm. But Andrew Mahaleris, Abbott’s press secretary, laid bare her misleading statements. Every migrant on that bus had signed a voluntary consent waiver. The bus was rerouted for safety due to weather conditions, and the passengers were well-cared for with food and water, directly contradicting Bass’s reckless accusations.

Make no mistake: the blame for this spiraling crisis rests squarely on the shoulders of Biden and his failed border policies. Under his disastrous watch, we’ve seen an alarming humanitarian crisis at the southern border. A tidal wave of illegal immigration, drug trafficking, and an influx of contraband are overrunning border states like Texas. And what does Biden do? Nothing. But Governor Abbott is taking action, forced to bus over 30,000 migrants to Democrat cities that have proclaimed themselves sanctuaries for illegal activity.

Instead of bemoaning Texas’ efforts to manage an unsustainable situation, maybe Mayor Bass should direct her outrage at Biden, who has neglected his most fundamental duty: to protect American sovereignty and ensure the safety of its citizens. While Governor Abbott picks up Biden’s slack, Bass and her Democratic cohorts continue to demonstrate an astonishing disconnect from reality. Their criticism isn’t just misguided; it’s an affront to every law-abiding American citizen demanding nothing more than a secure and sovereign nation.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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