Swalwell Defends Biden Amidst GOP’s ‘Senile or Corrupt’ Narrative Crisis!

Swalwell Defends Biden Amidst GOP's 'Senile or Corrupt' Narrative Crisis!
Swalwell Defends Biden Amidst GOP's 'Senile or Corrupt' Narrative Crisis!
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Rep. Eric Swalwell’s (D-CA) latest ludicrous claim on the growing evidence of President Joe Biden’s corrupt business dealings with his son Hunter is simply another attempt to whitewash the Biden administration’s shady past. The Democrats are working overtime to dismiss the mounting evidence against the current president and his family, despite whistleblowers from the IRS and new details emerging from former business partner Devon Archer.

In an interview with MSNBC, Swalwell stated that Republicans “can’t get their story straight” in questioning whether Biden is senile or corrupt. Yet, evidence against the Bidens increases, calling into question the former vice president’s integrity during his tenure in the White House.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy understands the immense responsibility he carries in holding the Biden administration accountable. The chamber could start an impeachment inquiry against Biden come September, as it is of crucial importance that the American people aren’t led by a compromised figurehead of state.

Biden’s supporters may point out that his health is on the decline and that most of the Republican investigation targets actions that took place during the Obama era. But let’s not overlook the obvious difference between the Biden who ran for president in 2020 and the one sitting in the Oval Office today. His declining health may be a contributing factor to his inability to govern effectively, but his past actions are why he should never have been entrusted with the presidency in the first place.

The Democrats continue to brush aside the growing pile of evidence pointing to corruption and wrongdoing by the man who currently occupies the top position in the executive branch. But make no mistake, the stakes are far too high for the American people to allow the Biden family to continue reaping benefits through their abusive use of the political power and influence at their disposal.

It’s up to Republicans, with Kevin McCarthy’s help, to hold the administration responsible for their actions and ensure that justice is served. The future of America, and the belief that the law should be applied to all, hinges on the truth coming to light. It’s high time we hold Joe Biden accountable for his corrupt dealings and ensure that he is not allowed to continue on as president until the American people know the full extent of his wrongdoing.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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