Staten Islanders Rally Against Secretive Migrant Shelter Setup: A Cry for Transparency!

Staten Islanders Rally Against Secretive Migrant Shelter Setup: A Cry for Transparency!
Staten Islanders Rally Against Secretive Migrant Shelter Setup: A Cry for Transparency!
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The Democrats have once again proven to be out of touch with the concerns of the American people as 400 New Yorkers protested a migrant shelter at a closed school in Staten Island Monday evening. The rally-goers were outraged at the prospect of a 300-bed shelter in former St. John Villa Academy being occupied by illegal migrants, despite the fact that the state of New York has already cared for roughly 100,000 migrants.

The protesters bore a large tarp reading “NO F%*KIN WAY!” and expressed their staunch opposition to the Biden administration’s reckless policies that are causing chaos and upheaval in local communities. “It’s a clusterf–k,” said one resident. “The city really screwed it up. Before we even talk about whether I want migrants here or not, the way it was handled was terrible.”

The migrant shelter was established in secret, without any consultation with local residents, resulting in righteous fury and indignation as Staten Island locals began to witness the horrifying effects of the Biden administration’s reckless border policies. It is no surprise that this disastrous policy is causing outrage and anger among the angry and fed-up citizens of Staten Island.

“The message is that here in Staten Island, we love immigrants,” said John Tobacco, one of the Monday rally’s organizers. “We’re the most Italian-American congressional district in the country, and all our ancestors came here legally. We love anyone who comes here legally. This isn’t our problem,” he said. “I think people are fed up. We want answers from people that we voted for.”

The Biden administration claims to be taking urgent action to address the influx of migrants, but their response thus far has been grossly inadequate. Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has asked the Biden administration for expedited work permits, additional funds to help migrants go to school, help erecting more shelters, reimbursements for deploying the National Guard and payment for future costs of the deployments. The Biden administration’s response has been insufficient and callous, citing the need for Hochul and Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams to improve data collection, communication with the migrants, and bettering information provided about the work authorization process and the need to apply for asylum.

This dismissive attitude from the Biden administration is causing immense harm to local communities and undermining the safety and security of American citizens. It is time for the Biden administration to wake up and realize that they are not above the law and must put the needs of American citizens first. We need strong, decisive leadership that will uphold the rule of law and protect the interests of the American people.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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